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You mean, on how to think independently without fear of beatings or beheadings?

Pie in the sky buffoonery, and we better not be paying for any of this. Also, anytime you mix with the Saudis, you end up being corrupted on some level. This needs to be followed more closely, and in connection with the Grand Beachhead (mosque) being planned for Helsinki.

NOTE: Dopey Finnish academics completely unaware of what they’re stepping in to.

Up to one thousand Saudi teachers coming to Finland for education – University of Tampere, one of the organizers

Saudi Arabia will start sending to Finland teachers to educate themselves and to learn. The goal is to even have a teacher orientation and training session in Finland.

Education Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen tells of the matter on Facebook. She has just been visiting Saudi Arabia.

According to Grahn-Laasonen the Saudi teachers want to learn how the world’s most highly experienced Finnish educational programs, methods and practices can be applied in Saudi Arabia.

The first group of 80-100 teachers will arrive in Finland in the coming months.

University education is organized by Finland in eastern Finland, Tampere and Turku, as well as a consortium of the University of Helsinki.

Teacher Cooperation was agreed upon in a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Education, Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Al Eissan. He visited Helsinki a few months ago.

– It was easy to continue where we left off last time. My colleague, the Minister announced at the outset that he has made the decision to send the first 80 teachers. We talked for two hours and we found many areas of cooperation, in which we will move, Grahn-Laasonen says.

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