Islam in Finland Lefty Morons


Moronic. During the debate, gas bag @TuomasEnbuske on Finnish TV says gay politician’s call on Facebook for fascistic ideology (islam) to be kicked out….”fascistic”.

Video: Enbuske grills Sebastian Tynkkynen of the Finns party for questionable stunt


Chairman of the Finns party youth league, Sebastian Tynkkynen, had to endure an evening of grilling by Tuomas Enbusken on the Enbuske, Veitolan & Salminen program. The situation developed into a heated debate.

According to Enbuske, Tynkkynen decided to make a game of the Peli Poikki (End It) demonstration (in Helsinki last week), because he showed up dressed as Batman. Anti-racism demonstrations wanted to break the silence, which allows the operation of racism and the extreme right.

In the background there is a case at Station Square, where an under thirties man died due to the actions of the extreme right. There were about 15 000 people, among them the members of the Finns party youth league who were dressed as a set of super heroes.

Here’s the story here in Finnish.

Here’s a pic I took of both of them in the same row as myself earlier this year at a YLE free speech event in Helsinki.


Finnish TV personality, Tuomas Enbuske, is a self serving blowhard, and an aggrandizing opportunist. He talks a big game about ”liberalism” (classical sense) but he’s a throw in coward when the rubber hits the road. Where Islam is concerned, he’s proven to be yet another ignoramus ”talking head” on issues he knows little about.

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