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Police puzzled: Three beaten because for being Finns in Helsinki?

Astound police beatings took place in Helsinki Mäkelänrinne swimming complex terrain.

The police are astounded that the beatings took place in Helsinki Mäkelänrinne swimming complex area.

Police are investigating and incident in which three people were beaten up in Helsinki because of their Finnishness.
The special assaults occurred in the Mäkelänrinne are of the Swimming Centre on Tuesday morning at around 10-11.30.
The first victim was a twenty-something woman. Detective Chief Inspector Mikko Halme from the Helsinki Police Department says that the girl had been sitting on the lawn when two foreign men came to discuss with her.

The men talking with the woman completely and unexpectedly spit on her.

– The young woman moved to an other area, and the same guys came back after half an hour. This time the girl was beaten in the face with his fist and had not even had time to say anything, Halme tells of the incident.

The woman attempted to leave the premises, and her bike had been taken a hold of, but the woman had managed to the wrench the bike to herself.

The next victim was asked about whether she was a Finn

After about an hour, apparently the same men had approached a fifty year old woman sitting on a park bench. She was asked in English: “Are you Finnish?”.

– When the woman replied in the affirmative, one of the men kicked the woman in the leg. Nothing else took place, Halme wonders, and tells that the men left the scene.

The fifties something woman called the police the scene. The police, however, did not manage to get to the scene, before the men struck for the third time.

– Now, a 75-year-old man who was seated in front of the Swimming Centre was asked, are you Finnish. After this, one of the men struck the old gentleman’s face, and the second man kicked him.

The man fell due to the kick, but the injuries were relatively minor.

Do you suspect that the motive behind the attacks were their Finnish identity?
– It is currently being explored in the questioning. A little bit of a peculiar thing, when there was no other interaction or dispute. Ask whether you are Finnish and then beaten.
Halme does not tell at this stage, the contents of the interrogation. The men were born in 1966 and 1976. According to Halme, the men were not, at least not visibly intoxicated at the time.
The case reported on the first Iltalehti.

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  1. What happened to the Finns with their famous knives which put fear in the heart of previous invaders ?

  2. It sounds like the New Finns don’t like the Old Finns. Fortunately, since they are all Finns, no hate crime was committed!

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