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Ok, genius (so not), lets investigate them…

While we’re at it, lets investigate the SDP/The Hard Left/The Greens for their connections to various ”anti-racism” hooligans like Antifa and various Anarichist groups that operate in the country with impunity. It’s only by accident that any of their blows haven’t lead to any manslaughter.

Minister Orpo to Finns Party: Extremist group connections must be investigated

The chair of Finland’s centre-right National Coalition Party, Petteri Orpo, joined over 15,000 people in Helsinki’s Citizen’s Square Saturday to take a stand against racism. He said the Finns Party’s stated opposition to violence and racism should be made apparent in their actions as well.

Petteri Orpo

Petteri Orpo Image: AOP

Petteri Orpo, chair of the government coalition member National Coalition Party and current Finance Minister, delayed his party’s statutory national council meeting on Saturday by a half-hour so his party’s leadership could put an appearance at the anti-racism demonstration Stop this Game (Peli poikki) in Helsinki.

Orpo admitted that it was the first protest that he had ever taken part in. He says he decided to join in because the issue was so important to him.

In his later speech to the party council, the NCP Chair reiterated his position that extremist groups’ operations should be outlawed in Finland. He said that while it won’t mean an end to the violence, it would send a clear opposing signal.

The Finance Minister also had some advice for his governmental partners, the populist Finns Party. He said the party needs to go through its ranks with a fine-toothed comb and get to the bottom of any links to far-right groups.

“I think they [the Finns’ Party] need to make it absolutely clear that they condemn violence and racism. This should also be reflected in their operations. Of course, it must start with the ministerial group, with whom we enjoy a good working relationship and there is nothing to comment on. The clear majority of their parliamentary group members and party adherents in the field also act responsibly. I expect that they will look into the matters with care,” Orpo said.

NOTE: They’re sanctimonious morons, seeking to take the Finns party down (when they’re not shooting themselves in their feet) by throwing their wagging finger in their face, all the while they’ve got problems in their own ranks.

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  1. How about the extreme elements in his party and his thinking?
    P.S. simply throws out the racists in the party ,question is does Orpo’s party do the same?
    The innkeeper trusts his guests are as trustworthy as he is……….

  2. Here’s a thought. Finns are not racist.

    But they are losing patience with the anti-social behaviour of illegal immigrant miscreants.

    Maybe this muppet needs “investigating” for his disloyalty to the motherland.

    Are there any same politicians left in the parliament?

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