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FALLING APART: Merkel’s authority in tatters as key allies set to SNUB her over migration

ANGELA Merkel’s crumbling facade of credibility was smashed through by another wrecking ball hit tonight as her closest allies vowed to issue a stunning snub over migration.

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Angela Merkel is set to be snubbed by her coalition allies

The German Chancellor’s house of cards is crashing down around her after the Christian Social Union (CSU) – her key coalition partners – remarkably threatened to pull the plug on co-operation.

In an unprecedented political humiliation, the party said it would not take part in a keystone congress event unless Mrs Merkel immediately reversed her derided open door migration policy.

It portrayed the German leader as arrogant, elitist and out of touch with ordinary people, branding her infamous “wir schaffen das”, meaning we can do it, slogan patronising to ordinary voters.

The sight of the lone Chancellor taking the stage without her crucial partners in government would be a hugely symbolic moment, demonstrating how the effects of mass migration have pushed the unity of the German establishment beyond even its limit.

It would constitute a devastating attack on the beleaguered German leader and caps off an extraordinary week which has seen her reputation as a competent leader broken beyond repair.

Nerves have been growing in Berlin after Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lost out to far-right activists in her hometown and polling showed the party will also take a battering in the capital later this month.

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