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They do intend to take over, in sophisticated publications meant to spur the believer on to jihad.

ISIS IN ITALY: Jihadis launch twisted magazine as flag flies from home

ISLAMIC State has launched a European-focused magazine at the same time as the crazed jihadis’ flag has been seen waving from an Italian building.


ISIS has launched a new propaganda magazine called RumiyahIG

ISIS has launched a new propaganda magazine called Rumiyah

The terror group has lost swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria as US-led air strikes decimate ISIS strongholds.

Following the deaths of a number of key ISIS commanders, the group has launched a new 38-page propaganda magazine, Rumiyah.

Arabic for Rome, the magazine’s title has ben seen as a reference to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Previously the group spread its sick ideology in its English language publication Dabiq, named after an ISIS-held town in Northern Syria.

But with ISIS is under attack, it is thought the jihadis do not want their propaganda to be associated with a town they could potentially lose.

The magazine aims to recruit terrorists in the West to carry out lone wolf attacks.

Charlie Winter, a researcher who has examined ISIS propaganda, said of Rumiyah: “Intriguingly, it features relatively little original content, suggesting ISIS is having to cut corners in its media operations.”

The evil jihadis have been driven back from the Syrian town of Manbij and the Syrian-Turkish border in recent weeks.

But despite a series of documents last week revealing ISIS is being plagued by in-fighting, financial issues and power struggles, the group’s flag has been seen flying on the continent.

ISIS has launched a new 38-page propaganda magazine, RumiyahIG

ISIS has launched a new 38-page propaganda magazine, Rumiyah

The black ISIS banner was photographed flying on the terrace of an Italian property in Tagliacozzo.

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