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Majority of Muslims will not have any problem with making societies in the non-Muslim West more ”islamic”, therein lies the dilemma for Mr.Pipes. Stealth jihad is an even greater danger.

Daniel Pipes 22.06.08 Helsinki

You can’t look at Islam through a western prism that highlights the inconsistencies in their various movements, such being irrational, contradictory, and infighting as proof to their eventual demise. This does not matter to the Islamo-nihilist whose main focus is destruction of the infidel West, they chew each other and spit themselves out all the while they collude with each other to undermine and destroy the West.

There is no ”shelf life” for attacking the so called infidel, as long as they feel that they’ve the upper hand, and momentum on their side, the jihad will in fact continue, remember that they are appealing to the greater ummah for support and credibility and they keep getting it, hence the fratricide while they join forces in fight against the common enemy of the West.

NOTE: The only thing that will stunt their efforts is the turning off of the economic spigot that funds their various anti-West activities.

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