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To steal their high tech research no doubt…..

China’s largest private equity investor eyes Finnish tech companies

Chinese state-owned Beijing Capital Investment (BCI) is starting up a 400-million-euro Nordic fund. BCI announced on Monday in Helsinki that it’s looking for Nordic companies with growth potential in the Chinese marketplace.

Beijing Capital Groupin henkilökuntaa vierailulla Suomessa.

Beijing Capital Investment Director Shaojun Wang is optimistic about raising €400mn for the Nordic-China Growth Fund. Image: Yle

As Chinese money looks for investment opportunities around the world, Finland is high on their list.

Kaidi, one of China’s largest bio-energy companies, announced earlier this year that it plans to build a bio-refinery in the Finnish city of Kemi to the tune of one billion euros.

The newest player on the block is one of China’s largest private equity investors, state-owned Beijing Capital Investment. BCI announced on Monday in Helsinki that it will start up a 400-million-euro fund in October in search of Nordic companies with growth potential in the Chinese marketplace.

The firm’s president, Shaojun Wang, told Yle the Nordic-China Growth Fund will focus on specific areas that Finland excels in ranging from cleantech to production technology.

“In the Chinese marketplace there’s demand for cleantech, renewable sources of energy, health care, and advanced production technology. Finland has a very good reputation in these areas,” says Wang.

Wang says Finland is one of the top candidates for the fund’s headquarters, but much depends on the enthusiasm of Finnish investors.

BCI’s goal is to raise 300 million euros in China, with the remaining 100 million euros to come from investors in the Nordic countries.

Wang says that he’s optimistic. The potential in Chinese markets is very big for Nordic innovations, he notes, adding that this fund should be of great interest to Finnish companies and investors.

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