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”Hey….didn’t ya know that you could take advantage of the stupid Finnish constitution and get free money and continue to live in Finland as free loaders?”

I’m told that this jackass writer, Eero Mantymaa, is a pro palestian bigot and a former anti-Israel EAPPI volunteer. In other words of full fledged moonbat,

Did you know? Finland provideS social assistance to foreigners who remain in the country without permission

who received a negative decision on an Iraqi asylum-seeker but does not receive money, but he can get financial support from the city. However, though guaranteed by the Constitution the law is not necessarily made aware of in social agencies, which also gives a negative decision in a similar situation.

Asylum seekers.

The Finnish Immigration Service has made this year more than 7 300 negative asylum decisions, of which more than 4 300 Iraqis have received. Photo: Tommi Parkkinen / Yle

The Finnish Immigration Service has made this year more than 7 300 negative asylum decisions, of which more than 4 300 have been given to Iraqis. In time, their decisions are final, which means the end of the receiving money. They, like other undocumented people no right to work.

However, they are left entirely to their own devices. Although potentially thousands of Iraqis could stay in Finland without a residence permit, they still have the right to apply for social assistance.

In practice, the law is not necessarily recognized. Helsinki Administrative Court has dealt with the decisions of the municipalities, where social assistance is not granted because of a residence permit deficiency.

The reason for this is probably the Ministry of Health, social assistance and social guidance for the year 2013, addressed to the local government social workers guide lines, that a foreigner should reside in Finland for five consecutive years before he would like a Finnish citizen entitled to social assistance.

Decisions are being undermined Administrative Court, says the Helsinki Social Affairs and Health Agency Chief Legal Counsel Karri Välimäki.

– After all, it is clear that social assistance is intended for acute distress. It is not suitable to take the five-year residence requirement.

Negative decisions are given, even though the Constitution guarantees the livelihood

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