Tommy Robinson


H/T: Brian of London

One of the cops is from Luton (45 min drive away), so he was obviously following him around for a reason.

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  1. Tommy is welcome at my house for a beer (and his kids can have a soft drink) anytime he wishes.

  2. This is the worst case of unjustified political harassment I’ve ever seen, and in the UK over the last 20 years, I’ve heard of a lot including sexual assault in the back of police vans BY police on underaged girls to provoke their fathers into violence in their daughter defense and the punching of old ladies in their chests where their mastectomy scars were.

    Anybody with [edited out) those thugs in uniform in my view hiding as they were behind their warrant cards persecuting an innocent man AND his children , without any complaints or evidence , who have a RIGHT to a peaceful day out with their parents.Let us all remember those so called ” police” are the same ones who turn their blind eyes to Muslim grooming gangs in Cambridge, and Muslims preaching illegal incitement to terrorism by repeating koranic mandates to subjugate by murder and violence the people of that city.

    To remind those “police” and their lickspittle senior “officers”, we police by consent in Britain, and I will bet a £pound to a penny there is NO consent for that kind of policing”.

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