Anti-Islamization Robert Spencer


I have to keep this honest here….

I greatly respect Robert, but this pompom waving for Trump as the next best thing since sliced white bread, has to be tempered with the fact that ”The Donald” has reneged on his Muslim migration temporary ban statement, as well as on his corner stone illegal immigrant/no amnesty stance, and no, the Mexican government will not build the border wall between the two countries. Trump knew his statements on this was pure BS but stated it nonetheless because he believes in ”ends justifies the means” in pursuing his goals.

There is no reason to believe that Trump will follow through on anything he that he’s said, there is only hope that he will. That said, we all know that Hillary Clinton will in fact do everything she can to further Obama’s disastrous policies,

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  1. There are two options only. Vote for Trump or vote for Clinton.

    Folks . . it’s a no-brainer.

    1. True Raymond, but the key here for folks to press the case for him to take a more conservative position on a host of issues, he’s already backtracking on a key number of touch button issues he stacked his campaign on.

      1. Agreed, mon ami.

        And he has to learn to stop shooting from the hip in retaliation for things said that he doesn’t like.

        So a little more self-discipline would help, don’t you think?

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