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Paul Weston points out just how modern day UK out-Orwell’s Orwell.



The slow slide into national suicide continues apace in Britain. One particular example of Left lunacy this week applies to my party Liberty GB which has just been torpedoed amidships by a certifiably demented harpy called Jenny Watson. Unfortunately for us, Ms Watson [pictured above] is without the asylum and within the community – in point of fact, she is ‘chairperson’ for the Electoral Commission and is therefore taken seriously by the powers that be, rather than carted off pronto for a nice soothing injection.

Ms Watson’s Electoral Commission wrote to Liberty GB a couple of days ago in order to make sure we fully understood what rabid, revolting haters we were. The letter informed us that since the murder of Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox, politics must now become an altogether kinder and gentler entity, which we were clearly in breach of courtesy of Liberty GB’s hateful and divisive party description – which was supposed to be on the ballot papers in the upcoming by-election.

Would you like to know what the description said? In terms of bigotry, xenophobia, irrational hatreds, incitement to mass murder or even racial/ religious Armageddon it seems quite mild to me, but then again I am a self-confessed racist and baby eater. Anyway, all it said was this:

Liberty GB: promoting “Western civilisation, British culture and free speech”

Ms Watson’s Electoral Commission considers this description to be “offensive” and must be removed from the ballot papers. In Britain! In the very cradle of Western civilisation! I’m not really sure what to say about this, other than to question why Ms Watson is not in prison on treason charges or otherwise happily ensconced in a cell with tremendously thick padding on the walls.

One question that desperately needs asking though, is who exactly would find the notion of Western civilisation offensive? Apart from Muslims that is, many of whom despise it. What about British culture? Who in Britain could possibly find that offensive, apart from Muslims again? And free speech? Well, free speech could be used to suggest Islam isn’t really a religion of peace at all, and might be better described as a supremacist ideology of total war… which again, is not really something the Muslims would like to hear stated by beardless, uppity infidels.

So the Electoral Commission is proscribing words, just as George Orwell predicted in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Electoral Commission is telling political parties they cannot use certain words if those words are frowned upon by the current ruling political elite! How can this possibly be happening in what we like to think of as democratic Britain?

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