Finnish Immigration Concerns Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS


Arrested last week, he’s now in the clink….and Finland allowed this jackal into its society in the first place!

We have been led to believe that all is well, no nefarious terrorists have infiltrated the muslim settler movement that has been allowed to flow into the country, and time after time the contrary is proven.

Iraqi man remanded in custody by court

Pirkanmaa District court has remanded in custody an Iraqi man suspected of involvement in war crimes and terror in Tikrit. Investigation into the case is continuing.

Joukko sotilaita seisoo ruohikkoisessa maastossa haudan edessä päät painuksissa, monet pitävät toista kättään rinnallaan kunnioituksen osoituksena. Osalla miehistä on maastopuvut, osalla siviilivaatteet, osalla mustat puvut. Haudalla on ilmeisesti Irakin lippu.

Shia families and soldiers mourn victims of the Camp Speicher massacre. Image: Baraa Kanaan / EPA

A 24-year-old Iraqi man has been remanded in custody at Pirkanmaa District court on Friday on suspicion of war crimes, murder and terrorist activities.

The man was arrested in Vaasa earlier this week and was interviewed by National Bureau of Investigation officers in Tampere on Thursday. Police have not commented on the content of the interviews.

The man is suspected of involvement in the 2014 Camp Speicher massacre, in which ISIS forces and their allies killed between 1,000 and 1,700 Iraqi army cadets.


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