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The report says locals were involved in the mix, but they have to have been grossly provoked into fighting back. 

Here’s a vid I posted earlier on the brawl…..

Police make arrests after mass brawl outside reception centre

The south-western town of Forssa has seen a violent few days after a group of locals attacked residents of the town’s reception centre. Police detained several people on Wednesday in relation to the brawl and other recent violent incidents in the town.

Kerrostalo, jossa toimii Forssan vastaanottokeskus

Forssa’s asylum reception centre is based in an apartment block. Image: Tiina Kokko / Yle

Police in the town of Forssa on Wednesday detained several people in relation to disturbances outside an asylum reception centre which occurred on Tuesday night.

Witnesses say that a large group of locals approached the reception centre, fighting a group of residents of the centre once they arrived. Police say that both groups used weapons in the brawl.

Police said that video and pictures of the fight, along with lurid claims and rumours about the course of events, including recent assaults in the town, had spread on social media. At present only a few people who were injured in the fighting on Tuesday had come forward, and the authorities are keen for anyone hurt in the violence to inform police.

“I hope that everyone who has received some injury will notify the police,” said Tomi Repo of Forssa police. “Police are only aware of a very small number of injuries, but I believe that there are more.”

The local municipality announced on Wednesday that it was launching a working group to try to stop violence in the town.

“I hope that people understand that violence and these kinds of attacks are always wrong, on both sides, and nobody joins in with them,” said Kaisa Lepola, who chairs the town council’s board.

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