It’s downplayed because the Left and the neo-statists don’t really care about women or protecting the civil society, it’s all about political expediency and utopianism.


Rape is a tool of war used by migrants across Europe. So why is it downplayed?

When do you see thousands of young men trek across another country’s border and take to the streets to commit mob rape and assaults? While it might appear an act of war, these kind of attacks are increasing across Europe and yet continue to be downplayed.

A toxic masculinity specifically occurring within Islamic cultures has reached Europe. It can no longer be passed off as cultural difference or someone else’s problem. (Pic: iStock)
The New Year’s Eve of 2016 will be remembered as a national tragedy for Germany where sexual assaults were committed en masse. Despite the attempts at cover ups, it eventually came to light that 12 German towns and various other European cities were set upon in both pre-planned and spontaneous sex attacks.

Sadly, the attacks from New Year’s Eve have only served as a warning of what was to come. Across Europe there are countless reports of women being sexually assaulted, molested in public pools, girl’s bodies slashed for “not covering up”, and more cases of “Taharrush” — a kind of mob sex attack that originated in Egypt. These events are no longer outliers, but are now daily occurrences according to both media reports and scant police records.

The message behind sexual assault is clear — it is the ultimate bid for power. The perpetrator of rape, much like terrorism, seeks to shock, disable and dominate victims. Rape is a very real tool of war and yet too often the perpetrators — of all backgrounds — are given a free pass. In fact, of the estimated 2000 sex attackers in Cologne, there have been just 4 convictions reported in July this year.

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