What else is new? The usual cadre of privileged, out-of-touch celebrities are “#UnitedAgainstHate” once more.

But of course they’re not united against the “hate” perpetrated by ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists — you know, the ones currently roving the West at record speed hacking train passengers with axes; targeting vacation-goers and stabbing their young daughters over the way they are dressed; sexually assaulting women by the thousands on New Year’s eve; slitting priest’s throats; taking nuns hostages; and stabbing and killing pregnant women; terrorizing holiday celebrations by mowing down little children with 2-ton trucks; disemboweling nightclub revelers and blowing up major airport terminalsmassacring members of the LGBT community in shooting sprees; gunning down journalists and murdering Jews in Israel by any means possible — be it via machine guns, machetes, cars, suicide vests, or missiles; committing a genocide of Christians, Yazidis and other Muslims across the Middle East and Africa; perpetrating genital mutilation of young girls; pitching members of the LGBT community off roofs and hanging them by cranes; and burning little girls in cages because they will not have sex with their captors; condoning and encouraging honor killingsoppressing women; propagating child-marriage; and plotting more death and destruction and subjugation than the normal human psyche can even comprehend or absorb.

No, that’s not the kind of hatred these complete and utter morons are standing against. The kind of hate that is no longer relegated to some hole in Kabul or Fallujah, but the streets of Orlando and Nice and Berlin and San Bernardino and Cologne and Paris and Brussels and New York (9-11 should not be forgotten) and soon promised Washington, D.C., and Rio, and beyond.

That kind of “hate” is irrelevant to them, because Donald Trump is on the scene, and that, my friends, is just taking things entirely too far. Time for the lemmings to pearl clutch and create a new #hashtag and pen an “open letter,” which they just published on George Soros’ MoveOn.org.

…Maybe if for once they used their “privilege” as a platform to amplify the real problems we are facing, they could actually do some good in this world. But that would be hard. Virtue signaling is so much easier, and sounds a lot better at cocktail parties. 

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