Converts to Islam Prison


Exchanging one path of violence and hatred for another.

He can be counted on to further indoctrinate other hardened criminals (who are not serving life sentences) with post-hijra Islam (basic Islam 101).

One of gangland Britain’s most feared killers ‘converts to Islam while serving life sentence in jail’ 

Murdered Lee Amos, who has reportedly converted to Muslim seven years into his 32-year minimum sentence

Murdered Lee Amos, who has reportedly converted to Muslim seven years into his 32-year minimum sentence

  • Murderer Lee Amos is asking for cash donations from sympathisers
  • Perks include special meals prepared for the Muslim festival Eid
  • He will be served Halal meat and be able to consult with staff about food
  • Amos is 7 years into a minimum 32-year jail term at Cambridgeshire prison
  • Whitemoor jail is believed to be first to be dominated by Muslim inmates 

A notorious murderer and drug gang leader has converted to Islam and is asking for financial support from sympathisers in an audacious bid to grab extra rights behind bars.

Lee Amos has reportedly become a Muslim – allowing him to discuss how his food is prepared with prison staff and also be served Halal meat.

The revelation comes after The Daily Mail revealed last year Muslims dominated the high-security Whitemoor jail in Cambridgeshire for the first time, sparking fears among other prisoners and staff.

The chief henchman of the feared Manchester mob the Gooch Gang is serving a minimum of 32 years in Whitemoor jail in Cambridgeshire for murder and attempted murder.

In 2009, Amos and ten other members of gang, who had brought bloodthirsty organised crime to Manchester, were given sentences totalling more than 200 years.

Prison insiders now say the religious conversion could be an attempt to game the prison system to receive better conditions during his lengthy jail term, according to a report in The Sun.

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  1. Islam started out as a gang of criminals. The whole religion is designed that way to dominate non muslims.

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