Totally brutal sport…..

‘My life has gone, I have no strength’: Spanish matador’s widow tells of her heartbreak after husband becomes the first bullfighter to be gored to death in 30 years – right before her eyes 

Victor Barrio's widow tells of her heartbreak after husband is gored to death by bull

Raquel Sanz, 32, who witnessed her husband Victor Barrio’s brutal death told residents of their home town of Sepulveda, outside Madrid that they have her thanks for their good wishes. Ms Sanz wrote on Twitter that it was ‘a tough day’ and said life was ‘unfair’ after watching her husband of two years die in the ring. Barrio suffered a punctured lung as the bull drove its horn through his chest before severing his aorta. Ms Sanz organised a group of fans to travel to the arena with her for yesterday’s tragic festival.

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  1. You stick a bunch of spears into a bull, then you wonder why he gets mad and kills you?


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