Bologna, “Allah Akbar”: disfigurement under the statue of San Petronio

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White lettering on one of the symbols of Bologna. In the night between Saturday and Sunday, unknown persons have written with the spray “Allah akbar”, Allah is great, on the basis of the statue of San Petronio, the patron saint of the city, under the Two Towers in the heart of downtown. It is not known yet whether it is vandalism or a token gesture. 

The films of the cameras present in the area are being studied by investigators, because they could have taken those who have done the deed. 

“I hope it’s just a stunt of some silly. Bologna proved to be a city where different cultures and religions live together for centuries and know how to dialogue, such gestures can not get citizenship.

I have already activated the relevant sector for the cleaning of the monument, “said the mayor Virginio Merola of the Archdiocese of Bologna” strongly condemns the act of those who have smeared with a provocative inscription on the statue’s pedestal San Petronio, the civil and religious symbol of the city. Use the name of God to offend others is blasphemy. ” 

“The authorities in charge – underline the Archdiocese sources – the task of identifying those responsible. All citizens ask you not to give in to the logic of conflict and to prevail rather the reasons for the collaboration of all people to peaceful coexistence.”

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