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Frenchman Sentenced For Terror Plot on Nudist Camp

A French prisoner has seen his terrorism sentence extended by six months after threatening to attack a nudist camp just before his release.

Wed, June 22, 2016

Illustrative picture (Photo: © Creative Commons/Mark Sebastian)

Illustrative picture (Photo: © Creative Commons/Mark Sebastian)

A French man serving a prison sentence for glorifying terrorism had his sentence increased by six months in a Beziers court days before his scheduled release, according to French paper Midi Libre as reported by The Local.

Other inmates reported him to the authorities for his plot to attack the famous Cap d’Agde nudist colony after he told them the plan, explaining that he did not like the “naked arses” on display at the nudist colony.

He was originally sentenced to one year in prison in October after his gun-themed restaurant attracted suspicion. The logo and all the items on the menu matched the popular guns, including AK-47s and M16s.

He was previously sentenced to prison for possession of six kilograms of cannabis, two assault rifles and a handgun and had supported Islamist propaganda videos on Facebook.

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