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How dare the dhimmis react negatively to the Turks invoking Islam in their ancient christian cathedral.

Lebanese bishop

Turkey says Greek criticism of Hagia Sophia Quran reading ‘not acceptable’

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The war of words between Greece and Turkey over a decision by Turkish authorities to allow readings from the Quran to be broadcast from Hagia Sophia in Istanbul continued on Wednesday, with Ankara rejecting Greek criticism of the move as “not acceptable” and accusing Athens of suppressing the rights of Muslims living in Greece.

“Greece has not given permission for the construction of a mosque in its capital for years, permanently intervenes in the freedoms of religion of the Turkish minority of Western Thrace and mistakes being against Islam for being modern,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. “We invite Greece to use common sense in its rhetoric and statements,” the statement added.

Ankara’s reaction followed a statement by Greece’s Foreign Ministry on Monday, condemning the decision to allow readings from the Quran to be broadcast from Hagia Sophia during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan as “regressive” and showing a “lack of respect.”

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  1. It’s just as insulting for Christians as if the Gay Pride was organized at the Kaaba mosquee in Mecca…
    Turkey needs Europe as it’s the only market with stability for their exports, Europe doesn’t need Turkey…
    Well, maybe Turkey will be part of E.U. around 3000A.D. as nobody want them in…

    1. Zzzzzz – nobody wants Turkey in the EU, you say ? The leaders of the EU want Turkey in, and that is all that counts. While Cameron tries his hardest to tell the UK electorate that “It won’t happen until the year 3000” or simply “Forget about it.” in order to try to fool people that mass immigration from Turkey won’t happen, the reality is that Cameron and Merkel have worked for years to bring about Turkish membership – (“We will pave the road from Ankara to Brussels”) – and that the EU is funding (with UK money) the fast-tracking of their application. Regardless of when or whether Turkey joins, the immediate concern is that the EU will now allow the 75 million-strong population of Turkey, visa-free access anyway, and that they are simply holding back the announcement until the UK referendum is over, together with many more measures which will be harmful to us, in order not to “frighten the horses” until the vote is over. The important points are that Turkey is vastly more populous than the Eastern European countries, and is also poorer, so that whatever immigration from the EU we have had already, it can be expected to double, just from Turkey alone. Then factor in that Turkey is the gateway to Europe for the countries of North Africa and the Middle East – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Morocco, Eritrea etc etc etc, and you can expect a further flood of millions upon millions of people from an entirely different background and religion. Look up what is already happening across Germany, Sweden, Finland etc – you can’t expect that our politicians and the BBC will tell you the truth – and God help Europe and especially the women and children.

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