Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism


Evil bastards……….

And YLE couldn’t bring itself to label this as an act of terrorism.

Terror in Tel Aviv: Chilling security camera footage shows moment diners flee in panic as two gunmen wearing suits storm into cafe and shoot dead four people ‘including girl aged four’

Tel Aviv security video shows two gunmen shoot dead four people

Two gunmen dressed in dark suits opened fire on diners at a crowded restaurant tonight in Tel Aviv leaving at least four people dead. Around six other people were wounded in the shocking shooting incident, which took place at the Max Brenner restaurant in the centre of the Israeli city.

One person was in critical condition, with Israeli police describing the shooting as an apparent attack aimed against Israelis. CCTV footage have revealed the moment customers desperately ran for their lives to escape the gunmen (top left), who opened fire at random with machine guns.

After reloading their guns, one of the terrorists executed a wounded man on the ground (main picture) before hurrying off to find more targets. One suspect was seen being wrestled to the ground (top right), with reports suggesting both had been captured.

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