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The peeling of ones clothes doesn’t mean that they’re right for rape.

“Female in a mini skirt can be a civil servant” – an expert hints to asylum seekers

Volunteers and organizations tell asylum seekers what they should be thinking about smiling Finns in bikinis, mini-skirts and shorts on hot summer days.

Women heels walks on the sand.

Photo: Ilpo Musto / AOP

Volunteers and the organizations desire to help asylum seekers to adapt to Finland has not subsided. On the advent of summer of asylum seekers have been told, among other things, about the Finnish way to wear bikinis and mini skirts, and how relevant it should be approached. Information is provided on visits to reception centers and in social networks.

Family Federation of Finland is one of the organizations that workers and volunteers have explained to asylum seekers about Finnish enthusiasm to peel off clothes. With asylum seekers is discussed the fact that in Finland the sun can be missing for many months. On warm summer days, many want to enjoy the sunshine.

– I’ll tell them that it means that they take their coat off, and it may well be that they enjoy the sun in a bikini or in their underwear.This is not abnormal, this is normal and you should try to adapt to this situation, describes the Population Association of multiculturalism expert Mina Zandkarimi in negotiation discussions with asylum seekers.

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