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Clue-bat for economic asshats, there is no ”middle-class”, the term is a false construct created by Marx.

In a free society, economic and social mobility affords the individual the means by which he or she exercises their own choices and skills. Society is in constant flux, with people moving both up, and down, the economic ladder. No one is born into a permanent type of “class”, that’s nothing more than stagnant, failed, Marxist thinking that dehumanizes the individual.

Stop using the term.

What’s middle class in Finland?

Ilta-Sanomat, Finland’s second major tabloid, took a hard look at the numbers which may or may not define middle class – depending on whom you ask.

A motivation for the breakdown of salaries and definitions class was due to a statement by Interior Minister Petteri Orpo that people in the cleaning profession belong to the “middle class.”

The minister – who’s running for the chair of the National Coalition Party with concern for the middle class a central platform of his candidacy – made the comments in an interview with Ilta-Sanomat on Thursday.

The paper took a look at average earnings of several professions in the services fields and found that average incomes falling within “middle class” varied wildly.

By the most stringent definitions, the paper wrote, people in the middle class earn between “2,062 to 4,419 euros per month.” Under less exacting guidelines the salaries varied even more, ranging from just under 1,800 euros to nearly 5,900 euros per month.

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