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It’s quite simple really, they’re promoting post-hijra Islam, and Islam is Islam, there is no moderate or radical, it’s just Islam.

Post-Hijra Islam

It’s uncomfortable for many Muslims who are not regular mosque goers and for the bed wetting Leftists and their psuedo conservative lackey colleagues, but it’s the truth. The more people come to terms with this truth, the better.

ISIS jihadis ARE driven by Islam and the world needs to accept that no matter how ‘uncomfortable’ the facts, says the Muslim man in charge of BBC Religion 

  • Aaqil Ahmed defended BBC decision to refer to ‘so-called Islamic State’
  • Told discussion it is untrue that ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam’
  • Says although ‘uncomfortable’ members of the group ‘are Muslims’ 
  • Critics including Prime Minister have called on BBC to stop using ‘Islamic State’ when referring to the terror group
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Aaqil Ahmed (pictured), The BBC’s head of religion, has said although it is ‘uncomfortable’ to accept, the ideology behind ISIS is based on Islamic doctrine

The BBC‘s head of religion has said although it is ‘uncomfortable’ to accept, the ideology behind ISIS is based on Islamic doctrine.

Aaqil Ahmed, the first Muslim to hold the post, said it was untrue to suggest that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam, despite the fact that the majority of Muslims do not agree with the extremist group.

He was speaking at an event at Huddersfield University, when he was asked to explain the BBC’s controversial policy on referring to the group as ‘so-called Islamic State’.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been among those who have called for the corporation not to use the phrase when referring to the terror group operating in Iraq and Syria, saying Muslims would ‘recoil’ at the phrase being used to justify the ‘perversion of a great religion’.

Mr Ahmed was asked at the event organised by Lapido, the centre for religious literacy in journalism, to defend the term by barrister Neil Addison on the grounds that he wouldn’t have said ‘so-called Huddersfield University’.

According to a report by Lapido, he responded by saying: ‘I hear so many people say ISIS has nothing to do with Islam – of course it has.

‘They are not preaching Judaism. It might be wrong but what they are saying is an ideology based on some form of Islamic doctrine. They are Muslims.

‘That is a fact and we have to get our head around some very uncomfortable things. That is where the difficulty comes in for many journalists because the vast majority of Muslims won’t agree with them [ISIS].’

Clarifying his comments, he told The Times that he had not been referring explicitly to the name of the group, but that ‘it [was] a reflection of the complexity of how you describe them and the religious belief structure.’

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