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Instead of kicking the bastards out and refusing any more Muslim settlers, they place their aid workers in bullet proof vests.

This is the greatest danger to German/Western civilization, the normalization of violent tards in our societies, ”this is what they do so we have to be prepared from them”.

Fear of being attacked: Asylum Center purchases bullet-proof vests for its employees

An original translation by Tania Groth

(Please watch this site for a related post from German health institutes which are having the same problems)

From BT.DK

Text under photo: One of the advantages of Elite armors bullet- and stab proof vests are, according to the manufacturer, that they are so discrete that they can be worn under a regular shirt so that they cannot be seen. Photographer: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson.
The fear of being attacked by one or more residents of one of the country’s detention centers is, according to the staff, apparently so great that more people want bullet- and stab proof vests. On Langeland, all of the five asylum centers have stab proof vests. A sign of defeat, says FOA (trade union).

Daily life has become so uncomfortable for some employees at the country’s asylum centers, that several have begun to demand bullet- and stab proof vests they can wear under their work clothes.
At Langeland Municipality, Asylum Holmegaard who operates 17 detention centers around the country, has had several inquiries from concerned employees. The center management has now purchased 10 bullet- and stab proof vests.

“Some employees have come forward because they sometimes have felt unsafe. There have been some verbal threats they have been concerned about which they feel could have led to action, “says Ulrik Pihl, Center Leader of Asylum Holmegaard. He emphasizes that the verbal threats have not yet, according to municipal information, developed into a perilous situations where a vest would have made a difference.

The 10 vests are currently distributed between the five asylum centers on Langeland. It is a kind of ‘pilot project’, says Ulrik Pihl, who expects that Holmegaards stock of vests soon will be increased so that they will be available at all municipal centers in the near future. Exactly how many vests will be located at each of the municipal centers is still unclear, but it will probably be between 2 and 4, which the employees then can use as needed.

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  1. Oh, those vests will be helpful alright! It will give the coroner an easier way to pick up someone’s mangled remains after their chalk outline on the floor has been finished. Sort of like giving you a band aid after a chain saw took your leg off at the hip! Germany still has a death lip lock on islam’s butt as it willfully sacrifices it’s citizens on the hellish alter of mohammed.

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