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There are plenty of men who will go on the record, with faces and names, refuting the outlandish claims made by the far-leftist extremist group, ”Breaking the Silence”, like these men below……

idf patriot truthtellers on BTS bullshit

Lex @ Isreallycool:

If BtS cared one iota about the morality of the IDF, or the “brutality of the occupation,” it would be eager to help the IDF investigate the testimonials, which it has refused to do. If the IDF cannot investigate the alleged human rights abuses, what is the point of Breaking the Silence anyway? Refusal to cooperate with the IDF means that they are not here to make the army better, they are here to demonize, and make money off of it.

Israeli prosecutors target group that collects testimony on soldiers’ conduct

May 22 at 3:06 PM

An Israeli organization that publishes anonymous testimony from soldiers, often alleging use of excessive force against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, appeared in court Sunday to fight the government prosecutor’s demand that the group reveal its sources.

The organization of current and former soldiers, called Breaking the Silence, released a sobering report last year on the 2014 Gaza war that included anonymous testimony suggesting that permissive rules of engagement coupled with indiscriminate artillery fire contributed to mass destruction and a high number of civilian casualties in the coastal enclave.

Many Israeli leaders have branded the group’s activists as traitors, funded by foreign donors, whose anonymous and unverifiable testimonials are used to undermine the Israel Defense Forces and to smear the country before an international audience.

Israel’s state attorney is seeking a court order to force the group to reveal names of soldiers whose testimonies appear in the Gaza report.

In court Sunday, Michael Sfard, a lawyer representing Breaking the Silence, told the judge that the group would be destroyed if it broke its promise to soldiers and provided names.

Sfard also argued that the testimonials serve a vital public interest, exposing ordinary Israelis to the actions of their forces in the field. “The only other alternative is the Israel Defense Forces’ spokesman’s unit,” he said. The group is also claiming protection as “journalists.”

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  1. Put this group on a flight to the outer parts of Greenland and see how they survive, that is if Greenland does not incarcerate them first!

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