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Over at Isreallycool, Brian of London posts a number of videos taken at the recent debate in London on the “two state solution” to the Arabs’ war against the peace loving Jewish state of Israel. Please check out the videos there.

Two State Great Debate room joined

I repost the the video of the Q & A, and draw your attention to the portion where Brian mentions the not-to-often-stated (which should be common knowledge) fact that Palestinian identity is a false construct, made in the 60’s by the Soviet’s during the Cold War to de-legitimize Jewish claims to the ancient land of Israel.

Interestingly enough at the 9:30 minute mark, Mudar Zahran, a more balanced and moderate kind of Arab that you could hope to get, admits that over 50% of the Arabs of Gaza identity as Egyptian (I think he’s low balling it actually), then at the 35:39 mark when Brian talks about the false Pali identity narrative, Mudar ”the moderate” Zahran erupts in indignation, to defend the supposed validity of the Palestinian identity.

It’s hilarious actually.

The very same cognitive dissonance on display here, is seen with the Arabs condemning post-WWI allied western leaders for imposing colonialism/imperialism on the Levant and Maghreb (making nation states out of the defeated Ottoman empire), and then claim nation state-hood for the ”indigenous” Palestinians. The whole concept of ”nation states” is foreign to Islamic thinking, but they now claim a distinct nation called Palestinians existed long before the modern state of Israel became a reality.

The befuddled thinking of the anti-Israel nay sayers is such because it’s based upon ideology, not historical facts, commons sense and reasoning. They take every day talking points and memes and then try to fit it into their ideological construct. It’s why some ”Palestinians” can claim to be an indigenous people related to the Phoneticians / Philistines and Canaanites, then claim to be full blooded Arabs (some of their imams claim direct relations to Mohamed himself, noted with a black turban).

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