Islamic Slavery Qatar


Slavery and Islam go hand in chain…..

This is nothing new, Counter-Jihad sites such as this one have been reporting on Qatar’s and other Muslim Gulf states horrid working conditions. Treating non-Muslims like 3rd class people is standard fare.

Scandinavian players slam ‘modern day slavery’ in Qatar

Scandinavian players slam 'modern day slavery' in Qatar

Some 70,000 workers are housed in Doha’s Labor City. Photo: Magnus Aabech / NTB scanpix

Published: 17 May 2016 14:13 GMT+02:00

“Working conditions in Qatar are, unfortunately, cruel,” Norway’s Tom Høgli, who currently plays for Danish side FC Copenhagen, said in a video clip, where he slammed Qatar’s treatment of labourers on World Cup sites as “modern day slavery”.
“The fact that thousands must die to build 12 fine stadiums for us has nothing to do with football,” said Denmark’s William Kvist, also from FC Copenhagen, in the video, which was produced by by Danish players’ association Spillerforeningen.
Mads Oland, director of Spillerforeningen and a FIFPro board member said the situation in Qatar could be avoided “if FIFA requires that social clauses be observed.”
The issue of deaths among migrant labourers helping build stadiums for Qatar’s $30 billion tournament has long proved controversial.

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