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These should be the only people we should be letting in (and only after much vetting), and yet we do the exact opposite.

Also: Study on refugee campsharassed Up to 40,000 non-Muslims

According to a study of thousands of Christians fled Syria and Iraq are exposed to in German refugee camps violence and threats.Security guards and Muslim refugees to be responsible for the attacks.

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Looks finally to the Christians!Miracle of the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in J

Oriental Christians in this country are threatened and injured – some of those Muslim torturers, against which they have fled to Germany. How many attacks will it take for a better crisis management?

05/10/2016, by REGINA MÖNCH

© DPAPraying Orthodox Christian: only also Germany emerge must in the annual World Watch List as unsafe place until something happens?

They are afraid they are harassed, robbed and abused: Thousands oriental Christians believed when they reached Germany, they landedin the desired “safe harbor”, have experienced terrible things in refugee centers and warehouses . There have been many reports about requests and warnings to stop  these monstrosities. Only little has been done. There are Christian communities that will help, but there are too few. There are pastors as Gottfried Martens from Berlin-Steglitz, really long demand unmistakably to end this “integration experiments” with fugitive Christians, they no longer be accommodated in homes where they are in the minority.

Again and again Gottfried Mertens brings Christians from their accomodations because their lives are in danger because they are collapsed due to ongoing humiliations; because they were spat on and beaten, forced to attend Muslim prayers. But there are also bishops who still downplay this need and how it neudeutsch is, therefore see no need for action, especially as the “evidence” was difficult. One can also hear from prosecutors, where courageous witnesses from civil society for lacking their investigations. Why?

The suffering that would have been spared

The grotesque situation that too long each, the criticism of the chaos of mass immigration exercised or, even worse, to Muslim “helpers”, was in danger of being accused of being radical or Islamophobic, apparently bearing fruit. Behind closed doors you can find many bad things, will it stand up a little. it is recalled how many months did it take to women and children who are repeatedly victims of violence in refugee camps, were placed under special, separate protection.

A Bundeswehr doctor from Erfurt had even mocked for his shocking factual report in early summer and even punished and the trite excuse the competent authorities like hawked here if it were merely to hearsay to something like “Chinese whispers”. Had immediately taken him seriously, how many women, girls, boys monstrous suffering would thus have been spared? But it could not be true – until there are too many concerned.

How many attacks will it take?

Authorities, undoubtedly all overwhelmed, make it particularly easy to emphasize the pervasive lack of space and like to apologize so that it must all inevitably lead to conflicts in the narrow and crowded accommodations. It lacks all of independent and trusted interpreters, for example, the police ‘s plea for help from Christians and other minorities refugee convey truthful. Instead, it has often happened that was deliberately mistranslated – thereafter to denounce the desperate Christians in the home as troublemakers, which renewed harassment provoked.

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  1. The EU Nazis will make you take your muslims. Your culture is to be replaced with a cheaper labor. You will be assimilated if you don’t grow a pair. Sieg Heil!
    Hitler was more compassionate than the snake.


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