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The truth becomes a hate crime……..

And because they refuse to deal with the voracity of the facts surrounding Mohamed’s (sham) ”marriage” of the 6yr old girl, (raped at 9 yrs old), they do not know how to properly address those muslims who still engage in the pedophile practice (due to their believing mohamed is the supreme example of human behaviour) within the West.


What difference does it make that child marriages may or may not have been normal in the middle ages. So was the black death and I don’t see anyone raising fleas today.

Austria: Teacher called Mohammed a child molester: prosecutor investigates!

Original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks!

From Vol.At

Bregenz — A middle school teacher allegedly referred to Mohammed as child molester in front of her pupils. The prosecution was informed; the provincial education department now awaits the investigation.

A Bregenzer teacher is said to have described the founder of Islam as a child molester in front of her students. “Yes, there is this allegation against a teacher,” the provincial educational counsellor Bernadette Mennel confirms the corresponding complaint. The education department had immediately forwarded the case to the prosecutor.

They check whether the allegations are true. Due to the ongoing investigation, no further information on the case is currently available through the state school board. If the allegations were true, the teacher would have to face consequences. “Such statements are unacceptable,” stressed Mennel to VOL.AT. However, they would await the outcome of the prosecution, before making decisions.

The accusation that Muhammad was a child molester is not new. It refers to Mohammed’s third wife Aisha bint Abu Bakr.

She was betrothed to Mohammed at the age of six years, and according to tradition at nine years the marriage was consummated.

In the Middle Ages, neither in the East nor in Europe the marriage of underage women for political purposes was unusual. Nowadays, child marriage is illegal in almost all countries of the world, but is still practiced, especially among poorer families in the Arab world, and India. In 2009, because of comparable statements, FPÖ Member of Parliament Susanne Winter was convicted of incitement of the people (Volksverhetzung).

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  1. According to the source texts of Islam, Mohammed consummated his marriage to a nine year old. He also murdered, tortured, raped, encouraged his soldiers to rape and he killed Jews.

    1. interestingly enough, people who speek out against islam will be called antisemit 🙂

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