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Demonstration close the Danish-German border

A demonstration against the government’s border has closed the Danish-German border at Kruså

More than 150 protesters have today crossed the old border from Kruså to Germany. Soon they will go back over the border into Denmark, but without showing ID.

The attendance demonstrates namely the government’s border.

The police turned out in strength at the border, and it is therefore not inconceivable that there will be a confrontation between the demonstrations and the police.

– It is a manifestation against the government’s refugee and border policy. With the demonstration today, we hope to open Danish ‘eyes, says Andreas Fey, who was among the first arrivals demonstrators.

He has traveled all the way from Aarhus to participate in the demonstration.

The protesters met at Padborg Station at 14. From here went in the snow they approximately four kilometers to Kruså.

According to Ekstra Bladet troops on the ground blocked the demonstrators border, shouting ‘Asylum for all – close limit up’.

The police have decided to close the border to Germany via Kruså and many drivers will therefore be redirected to nearby border crossings.

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  1. whats a matter? Can’t absorb 3 million new welfare cases this year?
    Tell a liberal you are cuttig his kids school enrollments and his kid is out

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