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Robert Spencer plucks out a story with a familiar theme, mainstream media (this time in India, yes they engage in PC as well) refusing to address the violent elephant in their midst, Muslims/Islam and their objectionable behavior, therefore normalizing it, it’s how we expect them to behave.

Notice that while the Hindus are identified, the “minority community members,” who are undoubtedly Muslims, are not. And the focus is on the “objectionable” audio recording, not on the Muslim mob that becomes violent when angered: the implication is always that it is the non-Muslims’ fault when Muslim become violent, and the non-Muslims’ responsibility to curtail their activities accordingly. We experienced this after the jihad attack on our free speech event in Garland, Texas last May: numerous people who should have known better declared that it was our fault that the jihadis attacked us, and that we should have known better than to exhibit drawings of Muhammad. The idea that Muslims shouldn’t grow violent in the fact of behavior they find offensive didn’t seem to enter anyone’s mind.

Ram Navami violence spreads in Jharkhand, curfew in Hazaribagh

The trouble started when objectionable recorded slogans were played in a Ram Navami procession triggering clash between two groups of people at the nearby Kud Rewali village near Hazaribagh railway station, Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar said.

Written by Prashant Pandey | Ranchi | Updated: April 18, 2016 7:31 am

RAF on patrol in Hazaribagh Sunday. 3 found dead. (Express Photo)RAF on patrol in Hazaribagh Sunday. 3 found dead. (Express Photo)


On Saturday night, members of the two communities also clashed in Jugasalai police station area of Jamshedpur district. Members of a community objected to the route taken by a Ram Navami procession, leading to scuffles. The situation in the town remains tense, but under control.

Earlier, violence was reported between the two communities in Chatra, Dhanbad and Giridih, though police were able to quickly bring the situation under control there.

Hazaribagh had seen violence on Friday too, leading to one death in Pandu village under Keredari police station area, about 50 km from the town. Nearly a dozen houses were set on fire in arson that day.

As per tradition, processions are taken out across Jharkhand to mark Ram Navami, which fell this year on April 15. In Hazaribagh district, the processions start a day later. Over 100 such processions were planned in the district between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Deputy Inspector General (Hazaribagh) Upendra Prasad said the trigger for Sunday’s violence was an “objectionable” audio recording played on loudspeakers by a Ram Navami procession passing through Kheergaon area of the town around 11 am. He said members of the minority community admitted that they had objected to the recording, which talked about this being a country of Hindus. “The recording was apparently in the form of a song and not a recorded speech of anybody. We are examining the issue,” Prasad said.

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