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  1. The only one on illegal/legal immigration.
    The only one on Muslim “refugee” invasion.
    The only one on job exportation/trade imbalances.
    The only one TO BUILD A WALL.

    Yup. Stupid all right.
    A clown, he is. Right, Mr. Soros?

    1. He’s a wind bag, a blovious maximus, willing to say anything hyperbolic to get free media attention, it’s been his MO from the jumpstart. Piers and the Don

  2. Piers Morgan?????????????????
    Ya GOTTA be kidding.

    1. Piers Morgan types are why Europe is burning. No common sense, and a raving lunatic.

      Make Britain a half way house for terrorists. 3% of Americans caused the revolution!
      How many poured in there now?

  3. Obomba made Trump necessary. It is not paranoia when they really are trying to kill you. See the muslim with nuclear station plans? Want them here? Why does the USA need them?

    We are not a half way house for battered women.

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