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Actually, it has been the US taxpayer (through NATO) that has kept Europe safe from the Soviets, as well as from fighting with each other.

The EU itself, is the single catalyst to the start of any internecine fighting between member states, due to its highly corruptive nature in the centralization of concentrated power. It never has attempted to foster individual liberty, and limited (truly representational) governance in the member states because it doesn’t believe in it, the mindset that created it and maintains it rejects the civil society, in fact, it’s constantly at war with it.

Considering that there are 57 Muslim countries in the world, some of them extremely wealthy, and 1.5 billion Muslims, the problem of the refugees should have been resolved among their co-religionists, Gerstenfeld maintained. The EU should have made a financial contribution to that end, rather than waiting passively until the massive wave of migrants crossed its borders. He compared the unwillingness of the Muslim world to take care of the refugees of today with the way it has perpetuated the refugee status of the Palestinian refugees through their offspring.

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Where is Europe headed? And how will that affect its Jews?
By Rochel Sylvetsky
First Publish: 4/12/2016, 11:16 PM

Migrant in front of burning shelter in the Calais 'Jungle'

Migrant in front of burning shelter in the Calais ‘Jungle’
Pascal Rossignol/Reuters

The massive influx of refugees into European Union countries and the resulting problems can have very problematic consequences for European Jews. As far as Israel is concerned it opens up new challenges and opportunities in its relations with Europe. This was the theme of a lecture given to a capacity audience that included former Amb. Alan Baker among other known diplomatic and academic figures, at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, by its Emeritus Chairman Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld. Arutz Sheva was there.

Dr. Gerstenfeld, world renowned expert on anti-Semitism whose frequent Arutz Sheva columns are widely read, opened his PowerPoint presentation with the iconic picture of the dead three-year-old Syrian Kurdish child Aylan Kurdi on the beach of the Greek island Lesbos. This event and the picture which appeared at the beginning of September 2015 triggered many emotions among Europeans which led to what he called a “Welcome Euphoria” in Western Europe.

This euphoria would shift rather suddenly after New Year’s Eve. On that night massive sex attacks were perpetrated against women in nine German cities as well as other cities in four European countries, led by recent immigrants from Muslim countries. The press unscrupulously hid the facts for nine days, but the truth eventually emerged, leading to great concern among many European citizens about both the short and long term impact of the refugee influx.

In fact, the atmosphere in Europe can best be described as a general feeling of angst, using the evocative word once reserved for European Jewry’s anxious trepidation.

Not even the number of people who have come into Europe with this latest wave of immigrants is known. It is certainly over one million, but some sources claim that there is an additional half a million immigrants about which the authorities know nothing as their entry was not recorded anywhere.

Gerstenfeld  compared EU successes with the much longer list of its blunders, explaining why the migrant issue has made a much stronger impression on European citizens than the many other significant EU mistakes in the decades since its founding. To its credit, the EU has prevented wars between its member countries. This is in contrast to the many tens of millions who were killed or died in the two World Wars. Furthermore the Customs Union enabled Europe to be far more competitive, especially in industry, and thus contributed to increased wealth for EU members.

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