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Christians are being persecuted around the globe, Thailand is no different.

Filling up with Christian refugees fleeing Muslim persecution, these are the people the West should be opening their doors to, not to Muslims, due to very wealthy Muslim states in the region who are not doing their share.


Hans Erling also helped more than 20 families with the limited cash he brought with him. Some of the people he met had family members who after being arrested in Bangkok were placed in the IDC (Immigration Detention Center) administrated by the Thai police authorities.



Author, Ewa Samvik

Why don’t the Christian communities not do more to help their sisters and brothers who are forced to live in hopeless misery in one of the world’s most popular tourist countries?

Hans Erling Jensen, International Director for Hatune Foundation International, visited Bangkok on 10-15 March this year.  During his stay in Bangkok he met a number of Pakistani refugees, living illegally in Thailand.

(In this article we do not mention any names to avoid any discomfort for the persons cited).

    • The persecution of Christians in Pakistan is an old and well-known phenomenon. Considering that Pakistan is a nation with more than 200 million inhabitants, 97% are Muslims, the rest are Christians, Hindus and other marginal minorities. In numbers you can roughly estimate that Christians make up around 2.5 million people.
    • During the last 50 years Christians have lived as second range citizens mostly in urban areas and trying to keep themselves safe gathering in bigger communities. The facts is, that the attacks on Christians in Pakistan are escalating. The last huge blast in Lahore where more than 70 Christians were killed and more than 200 severely injured, was – if we shall believe the Muslim organization behind the bombing – a retribution for the assassination of the murderer, Mumtaz Qadri, who killed Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. The governor was killed by one of his personal guards in 2011, when he publicly declared, that he intended to reform the Pakistani blasphemy laws – as a result of the case against Bibi Asia.
    • During the last 4-5 years approximately 3.200 Pakistani Christians fled Pakistan, using one of the easiest – and cheapest – ways to leave the country. They went to Bangkok equipped with ordinary tourist visas, and there they applied for asylum. They are now registered as refugees at the local UNHCR office. A huge problem is, that the Thai authorities never approved the global “refugee” convention. Therefore they consider the Pakistani Christians – and all other people that apply for asylum in Thailand – as illegal immigrants.

See more at:  H/T: Hans Erling Jensen

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