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So what……?

You mean 1/4 of the one allowed to stay or 1/4 of all who came here, of which 2/3 were found to be complete frauds? What about the number of Finns on unemployment, how many of them have ”higher education”, and why don’t they matter at all?

This is how it is in a society with a statist/welfare state mentality, masterminds and geniuses are always finding pet projects (identity politics) to shower the people’s money with. One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. Just look at Blacks in America now looking over their shoulders at Mexicans coming over their southern borders. They are somehow deemed more noble and righteous than the people forced to fund their upkeep though they violated their laws.

Study: More than 25% of asylum seekers have higher education

A study published by the Ministry of Education and Culture calls for sweeping changes in how refugees and other immigrants are trained to enter Finnish working life. It says practical hands-on training and work experience should begin at the same time as language studies, not afterwards.

Turvapaikanhakijat suomenkielen tunnilla
Asylum seekers studying Finnish in Tampere Image: Marko Melto / Yle

A review of reception centres in the Uusimaa region suggests that a majority of asylum seekers have completed primary education, while around half have attended high school or other secondary school. Seven out of 10 asylum seekers said they have completed at least seven years of basic education.

The study was aimed at predicting future needs for refugee education.

Twenty-seven percent said they have had higher education, with 16 percent holding degrees, typically bachelor’s degrees. Some seven percent have no formal education, with about the same proportion being completely illiterate.

The study, commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, was handed over to education minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen on Monday. She commented that migrants’ face too lengthy a path to education and employment in Finland.

The survey was carried out by the language testing firm Testipiste. Since January, it has interviewed more than 1,000 asylum seekers from 32 countries at 14 reception centres in the southern Uusimaa region, which includes Helsinki. The interviewees were aged 18-39, and 90 percent were men. Nearly two thirds were from Iraq.

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NOTE: Big (crony) business loves the open borders as well. The increase in those looking for work drags down wages. This can be seen in high tech jobs in the US, where H1B visas have severely crimped domestic employment in high tech IT jobs, they simply draw cheaper labor into the job market from abroad which effectively locks the local work force out.

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  1. Notice that the headline touted the number with some higher education (whatever that means in Syria or Iraq), not that more than half have completed secondary education, which means they will have no hope of getting a job. Also, why are they talking about Iraqis? I thought the Finnish government had said they weren’t taking any asylum seekers from Iraq?

  2. “The study, commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, was handed over to education minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen on Monday. She commented that migrants’ face too lengthy a path to education and employment in Finland.”

    So that means they’ll be deported, right? Because no sane country would take in tens of thousands of people who have no chance of ever supporting themselves in the local economy right? Right? I guess you could always lower standards and fudge requirements until it looked as though they were employable….

    “It suggests that the construction sector would be a likely potential area for future employment, and that in the capital region this would be possible with only Arab language skills. ”

    And there we go. Big business gets a new and pliant source of cheap labour. Health and safety standards go out the door. Locals are discriminated against. and Helsinki starts turning into another Londonistan.

    So long, and thanks for all the great hockey players.

  3. Many can sell you a degree from an unaccredited university. Along with bogus passports available through Pakistan, (the ones doing US Passports for the USA) also offer the same service. The US outsourced passport work to a hostile ally as American labor is too expensive.

    Sorry I don’t need a shepherd.

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