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Truth of the matter, Obama couldn’t be more happy over the Iranian taunting of U.S. forces……


Daniel GreenfieldIRAN TO BUILD STATUE COMMEMORATING ITS CAPTURE OF US SAILORS “Maybe once Obama leaves office, he can stop by and say a few words. Since he is the man who made this happen.”

U.S. sailor incident: What Carter couldn’t put on record to Congress – plus Iran’s new taunt

U.S. sailor incident: What Carter couldn’t put on record to Congress – plus Iran’s new taunt

Our finest hour. (Image: IRIB News)

In case you were wondering, the leaders of Iran’s military despise America.  If they hadn’t made that clear before, they have now.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is planning to build a statue of the US sailors who were captured in Iranian waters earlier this year, a senior officer said.

The provocative proposal is likely to cause outrage in the US and be seized on by Republicans opposed to President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

Commander Ali Fadavi, the head of the Guard’s naval forces, said the monument of the surrendering Americans would be a “tourist attraction”.

“There are very many photographs of the major incident of arresting US Marines in the Persian Gulf in the media and we intend to build a symbol out of them inside one of our naval monuments,” he told Iran’s Defense Press news agency.

The knife-twisting is getting a little silly at this point – seriously, they don’t have something better to do? – but it’s probably going to continue.

That’s in large part because Obama is still afraid to have it said that Iran did anything wrong in the incident.  The Tower pointed out something interesting this week in that regard.

In testimony given to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered vigorous criticism of Iran’s behavior during the incident (transcript from The Tower; emphasis added):

I want to say some words about Iran’s treatment of our sailors on Farsi Island back in January. As I made clear then Iran’s actions were outrageous, unprofessional and inconsistent with international law and nothing we’ve learned about the circumstances of this incident since then changes that fact. It’s because of Iran’s recklessness and destabilizing behavior in that part of the world that DOD remains full speed ahead in our investments, our planning, and our posture to ensure that we deter Iran’s aggression, deter its malign influence and uphold our ironclad commitments to our regional friends and allies, especially Israel, to whom we maintain an unwavering, and unbreakable commitment.


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  1. The ships were cut loose and were to surrender. This sure stinks of a Obola-Kerry plan gone bad, like everyone else he ever had. Hanoi Jane looks like a saint compared to this rich id-10 T.

    After all they have a muslim leader, and we have a muslim leader. Both have the goal of making the US look like a fool.

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