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South Africa is a Lost Cause

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has written a counterpoint to our earlier guest-essay from a white South African native.

South Africa is a lost cause
by H. Numan

Sorry, but I very much disagree with Afrikaner. With pain in my heart, as I have always seen them as strongly related to the Dutch. It began when South Africa dumped Rhodesia to curry favor with black African states: ‘We’re really one of you!’ That’s nonsense. No African will ever see a white man as one of them (unless there’s money in it). Least of all a white state on their continent.

Before I continue, let me say that I do not in any way approve of Apartheid. This system is wrong, no matter what arguments one might have to defend it. Defending South Africa effectively became very similar to defending slavery: impossible. No matter what arguments you present, defending slavery is impossible. Defending apartheid is exactly as impossible.

South Africa’s apartheid came in two flavors: Grote Apartheid (Major Apartheid) en Kleine Apartheid (Minor Apartheid). Grote Apartheid made black South Africans foreigners in their own country. All black citizens were relegated to small quasi independent states and allowed them to work as before but now with work permits and passports. As guest laborers. Kleine Apartheid is the one that most people — outside South Africa — protested against. These contained the racial laws, and ‘slegs vir blankes’ signs everywhere.

When South Africa began with this policy this was not uncommon elsewhere in the British Commonwealth. Or the United States, for that matter. However, where other nations gradually abolished it, South Africa began to enforce it more strongly. Very much swimming against the stream.

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