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“Asian”, the term that the UK media uses, dishonors real asians.

Woman raped in Manchester park just after visiting her parents’ graves

The woman was making her from a cemetery with headphones on when she was attackedDebdale Park, Gorton

Debdale Park, Gorton

Police have launched a manhunt after a woman was raped just after visiting her parents’ graves.

The young woman was making her way from a nearby cemetery in Gorton and was listening to music through headphones.

As she made her way through Debdale Park, she was approached by a man and attacked.

Her attacker is described as having greasy hair, scarred skin, yellow teeth and bushy eyebrows which met in the middle.

He was described as Asian, in his late 20s or early 30s, around 6 feet tall with dark eyes and with a full goatee type beard.

The man was wearing black tracksuit bottoms, a large black coat, similar to a bubble coat, and dark boots.

The attack happened at around 7.30pm on Saturday March 5. Police have now issued an appeal for information.

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  1. Well UK leaders, are you going to do something in order to combat this problem and protect women and girls, or will you simply let it continue because of “cultural differences” and the fear of being labeled “racist”?

    1. Arresting the victim sounds about right. Consider how many muslims are on the police force and in Parliament. Short of mass deportations, its goodbye Charlie.
      Asians with a beard. Never saw one.

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