Time to look squarely into the faces of those yelling the charge to shut the hell up.

If you’re getting problems from a certain sector of people, then it’s your right to take preventive measures against them. Denying them entry might be the most sensible thing he could do.

NOTE: These are the very same people the state is instructing ”not to rape women”.

Were asylum seekers banned from entering a Swedish pub?

Were asylum seekers banned from entering a Swedish pub?

File photo of beers in a Swedish bar. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT


“The manager was stood hanging out by the door and I asked him about the policy. He said he was willing to let tourists in from Holland or the like, but not people with a Syrian passport.”

But in an interview with regional newspaper Barometern on Sunday, the manager, Tellis Agrotis, insisted that the door policy was not racist. He said that foreign passports were accepted, but not some other identification documents such as paperwork or ID cards from Migrationsverket (Sweden’s Migration Agency).

“We let in precisely everyone who wants to come in to us, but only if they have a valid ID. That we would only admit guests with a Swedish passport is not true at all. You can have an English, Dutch, Iraqi, yes whichever passport you want if it is valid,” he said.

“However we do not accept Migrationsverket’s identification and it is very clear on the card that it is not a valid ID. Nor do we accept anyone with no documents because we don’t know who they are. We have discussed this with police and there is nothing strange about this,” he said, adding that he did not want to risk losing his licence.

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  1. Restaurant owners have also got phone call from a principle at a local school complaining that his pupils were denied entry. The restaurant owner just followed the law, he cannot serve underaged alcohol. Sometimes they want to be babies these boys and sometimes they want to go to the night club and play with Swedish girls……

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