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Complete nuts…..


This is in response to male groups rising up, some harmless, some I would never shoulder with at all, to rapes by muslim migrants of indigenous women of Europe. That said, regardless of the backgrounds of these groups, I would be sincerely thankful if they stopped the rape of any of my daughters by mohammedan thugs.

swedish feminazis - dont help us if raped by immigrants

Feminists in Sweden have launched a new campaign against men that wants to protect women from being raped.

FEMINISM | So, no doubt you have all heard about taHarrush by now, the Islamo-Arabic rape game. You might also have heard about the backlash against the people engaging in this behavior in Stockholm, where 200 men put their viking-genes to use by physically attacking these “refugees”.

What you probably have NOT heard about however, (or find hard to believe) is the feminist outcry (surprise surprise!) against these noble berserkers. Indeed, the rage was so great, they created the hashtag #inteerkvinna (translated as #notyourwoman) where they spewed their hatred over racism, fascism, white men and many other things that can be loosely tied to the events with some cognitive dissonance. In short, they made a collective tantrum on social media over the fact that white European men are standing up to the rape-fugees.

The whole thing culminated with the statement “It’s YOU I’m afraid of!” where the feminist in question is now fantasizing about afraid that some tall, good-looking nationalist will sexually harass her in the streets.

Why is it always that women who are at least risk are the ones to make these claims…

At any rate, the opinion voiced by various people in the nationalist and alternative right-o-sphere, is one of butthurtness: “Okay, then we just won’t save you next time” but personally, I don’t think this is the way to go. Sure, some of these shrieking harpy’s are lost causes and should be thrown into the abyss, but I don’t think the majority really are.

More here. H/T: Jan Sjunnesson

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  1. Stupid, can’t wait for the first complaints when one of them is gang raped and a true Swedish man walks past and does nothing to defend them.

    1. It would serve them right for sure, but I would still help them out, it’s the same chivalry side of myself that they loathe.

      1. I would not help them. No fucking way. If anything, I’ll cheer the bearded barbarians.

    2. I would pull out my phone and shoot video so she has a permanent memory of her wonderful day#

    3. What these women are saying is that the Swedish men and the immigrant men are the same. They both want to control women and they both want to be seen as powerful and thus women will remain dependent on men. This is not too difficult to understand.

      1. So if you were being raped would you want somebody to intervene?…..it’s not too hard to understand!

      2. So, what are you saying? Do you agree? Ever been to Sweden? A Muslim majority Middle Eastern or African country from where these “immigrants” come?

        I suspect not.

        1. I’ve lived there, and I can say that Sweden is the most egalitarian country in the world. There is absolutely nothing that Swedish women have to fear from Swedish men. To say that Swedes have the same cultural concepts and understanding as the immigrants is, to put not too fine a point on it, stupid. If that were the case, there would be no need for classes in Swedish culture and integration.

          The fact is, these two distinct types of men are most definitely not the same, and this reality threatens the politics of ultra feminism. Moreover, there are misguided men on the European side that think very similarly to the Muslim men…that women should be kept at home and used as an incubator. This is what normal women find frightening.

      3. Really, In what world do you live in. The immigrant men are the ones raping. As hard and heartbreaking, This may be for you. I have never heard of s male Viking rape game. You feminazi’s will destroy your own country soon. No wonder so many Swedish men are hitting me up on the dating app. Who will help you in 10 years when Muslims’ are the majority and you are forced to wear burka’s and be a sex slave owned by your masters. Facts are stubborn. They don’t lie or embellish. Enjoy any dominance you have now. Believe me it will be short lived.

  2. Even the rapist have taste ,the feminists look will chase away even the devil it self.

  3. If this is true then these women are so enraged by the concept of men that all common sense has left their brains. They don’t even understand what feminism is no doubt ! Feminism is about balancing out the rights of men and women, not female misandrists, who are simply filled with rage against pretty much everything… Irrational, moronic, idiotic.

  4. And how is a well-meaning man supposed to distinguish a female anti-white sexist from someone who would appreciate his aid? OK, the onus is on the female racist sexist to a) show no sign of scuffle with her assailants so it will just look like a small outing of x men and 1 woman, or b) scream out, “White guys, don’t help me”, if she wants to beat back her attackers without aid from male anti-rape patrols. Understandably no male would want to intervene if afterwards he has to deal with a shrieking ingrate, but I expect many women would appreciate outside help, so I hope the ‘inteerkvinnistas’ do not feel that their concerns entitle them to deter aid for other women.

  5. It is just some women. Not all women. Sure women can be strong. But there are those that are not when a whole group of muslim men are I attacling young women in their teens and you g children. It is great that these men of Europe are helping to protect their home land. I bet these women wou.d change get their tune if a group of Muslims savagely rapped them and spit on them or worse. When you are dead you can not tell tales. Or they are impregnated by these muslimited gangs. Then these brave women can abort those children. Or carry on with the children of the Islamic thought of processing and carrying on which these unhuman beings want. Women if you are going g to stand d up for your rights , stand up. But you do not talk for all women of the world. There are a lot of us that think a rape is not to be tolerated by any man or group. I say to those with the courage of Viking blood,Good for you. You go berserker on those muslims. This is about the survival of Europe and Free true women should see that. I am sure if you ask a child if they would rather be saved or raped by a gang of these refuggees,they would choose being saved. Logic. Pure logic. Bleeding Hearts that Love the Islamic nation you are in for a rude awakening,when they are cutting your heads off. And yes I am a Free Woman. Robbie.

  6. Why are feminist almost always butt ugly? Who would want to rape them?

    1. That’s usually it, they’re the ones who hate men because men don’t find them attractive and they hate feeling unattractive- it’s a powerless feeling.
      Whereas anger, outrage and indignation are powerful and much more comfortable.
      Feminazis are the result and the irony is that they are in little danger of being ravished or desired by anyone

  7. They should be parachuted into central Syria, where they might do their part sating the desires of these animals, and helping prevent them from coming to Europe in search of easy meat.

  8. Definition of a feminist is a woman who screams and yells at a man for opening the door for her, then sxreams and yells at the same man who did not stop the rapist attacking her. LEt these feminists (losers) get raped. Do nothing. Some will get killed or perhaps be paralyzed for life. But regardless if she does not want you to protect you, do so. Protect them. They do not know or understand what they are saying. Imagine prefering to be raped than protected. Yep It takes a certain kind of stupid to want that.

  9. These women have completely lost all common sense! I would be making sure they got pepper spray and as many bullets as I could get in them, if that happened here in the States. God bless them, I pray reason returns!!

  10. My advice. Help the women first, Chances are they would, if not be grateful, be at least relieved that they won’t be assaulted. If any victim complains, ask her to put her complaint in writing and deliver it to the nearest mosque.

  11. This is such a short article. There has to be more to it. My guess is its an anti racism satire that got out of hand since there has been so much backlash from the excess of refugees flooding the borders and fear mongers such as trump have helped spread enough hate to generalize all instead of a few. It’s great to stand up to injustice but not a pre-emptive.

    1. This is not a satire. Sad to tell you it is true. All of it.
      The swedish feminists even held a demonstration against racism after a swedish girl was brutally raped by refugees.. All they want to do is make the entire world hate all white, rich men.

  12. Every feminist needs to wear a badge that says do not save me, it can also be an invitation to the muslims to rape them.

    Case solved, muslims have sex and libtards get killed and raped.

  13. Sweedies… what part of rape/murder don’t you understand?

  14. Let’s give them exactly what they want: only protect your own friends and loved ones. When you see someone you don’t know getting assaulted: walk by.

  15. This is so taken out of context. This is a campaign AGAINST neo-nazi groups attacking imigrants using “our swedish women” as an excuse, it has nothing to do with rape or not wanting help when being raped! Their slogan “not your women” is an anti racist statement, to show that they’re not taking a stance behind these racial attacks.

    1. Ah yes. Let’s just close our eyes on the fact that there are actual reasons why there is a rape crisis in Europe now and the reason of this are these “refugees”.
      Anti-feminists saw it coming. We KNEW feminists would close their eyes on these rape cases because “muh racism!”

  16. Radicals of any kind cannot represent the rest of the humanity or a group, first of all. Second, anything you take outvof the context can sound really weird, which of course is the reason people do just that, then they can use it for their own purpose. It’s up to the reader to decide to get more information before making a comment. Unfortunately most people make comments without full knowledge, which is really the main reason for most of the conflicts. This really doesn’t sound right to me, I’m Swedish, woman, mother and feminist, which means I’m pro-equality between people, and I don’t want neither rapists(no matter their religion or nationality) nor aggressive radicals(no matter religion or nationality)anywhere close to me or my family/friends. I believe that in a civilized country, the police and the law is the right way to achieve this, and the racistattacks only take time and resources from other policework, which was probably what this was all about in the first place.

    1. You just validated the article, at least the latter part: “I don’t want neither rapists (no matter their religion or nationality) nor aggressive radicals (no matter religion or nationality) anywhere close to me or my family/friends.”

      While I reject any kind of socialism in general and their extreme elements, fascists and anti-fascists, if my daughter was being manhandled by a muslim migrant, I would be thankful for any passerby’s help, no matter what ideology that existed between their ears.


    1.White people exist.
    2. White people have the RIGHT to exist.
    3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.

    My country was my home. Now its a hotel. And they want me to be a waiter. NO.

    That is the crime. It is white Genocide. It is state violence. Politicians past and present must be held accountable. ‘Just obeying orders’ is not an excuse.

    The West including Canada is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

    1. R U Serious??!!!
      “The West including Canada is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. ”

      Almost every country in the world, except for european countries are a result of Europeans invading that country, stripping it of it’s resources, enslaving or killing the indigenous people and claiming it as their own. Especially Cananada and the formost westren nation of USA. These European countries did so for 2 reasons. Wealth and power. Muslims are comming to Europe because THERE IS A WAR IN THEIR HOMELANDS. I work with refugees and i can tell tou that the only thing that most of them want, is to go back to the place they grew up in and live their lives in peace.

      Everyone is hung up on those few bad seeds. Nothing is said about all those families with small children who are just trying to survive. Hatred creates hatred. So everyone just get your head out your ass and think about that last sentence.
      Can’t we all just get along?!

  18. Maybe these stupid deluded bitches should wear a badge or t-shirt so that they can be identified, and left to endure their exotic surprise sex ordeal, uninterrupted by white male patriachy.

    If feminists don’t get round to making and wearing these items, maybe someone with a bit of business sense could get them made and sold instead.

  19. I read comments like..stupid bitches and so on… but let me tell you people: YOU ARE THE STUPID ONE beliving this bullshit. How stupid can americans really get? Well..TRUMP Sais everything.

    Woman Norway

    1. I realize that English isn’t your first language, so I won’t correct it.

      This is in response to my original post. If you read it, you will see that I said nothing of the sort.

      Perhaps, rather than making ad hominem attacks on posters, you might provide some information countering these impressions? Perhaps cite a source for it?

      By the way, although I’m an American, I’m no Trump supporter. Nor, do I live in America. At least, not for the past 15 years or so.

  20. Hilde, I’ve got the first batch of PLEASE DONT SAVE ME FROM RAPE t-shirts and badges done. What size t-shirt do you want? You can have a free badge as well, cos I like you.

  21. For those who misguidedly believe that Nigel Farage has made inflammatory remarks about Syrian, Iranian etc immigrants ( even the Archbishop of Canterbury appears to believe the headlines rather than the truth….) may I correct your view ?

    He was asked by a reporter if he felt that sex attacks of the kind that occurred in Cologne could happen in the UK ?

    He replied that if the perpetrators of these assaults were (A) given EU passports ( which of course, they will be in time…), and (B) the United Kingdom did not leave the EU ( meaning that we cnnot refuse entry to anyone who has an EU passport, regardless of what criminal record they may have) then, Yes, these attacks could also occur here.

    As mild, truthful and reasonable an answer as anyone could give.

    The question was of course asked “agent provacateur” style, so that no matter what he said, the opposition ( including the revolting bully-boy Tom Watson – the man who used Parliamentary privilege to allege that the late Leon Brittan was a paedophile and “the worst human being in the history of the world” – no evidence of this was ever found of course, and the police investigation entirely cleared Leon Brittan of any such thing.) the press etc, could then make spurious claims – yet again – that Farage and anyone wanting to leave the EU is a racist.

    As Nigel Farage has repeatedly pointed out, it is the EU itself that discriminates against those from non-EU countries, so that people from the British Commonwealth countries – who you might notice are largely of Asian/African background – are prevented from entering the UK in favour of white Europeans from countries with whom we have no shared history at all.

  22. My grandfather immigrated from Sweden to the United States so even as an American I inherently care about Sweden. I think the women who spout this nonsense are really crying for help. In short, they wish the men in their society would put an end to their domination by the muslim invader. These women are so frustrated with swedish men (and their girlish ways) so they respond like this. What better way to get some attention from any remaining real men out there (presumably outside of Sweden at this point) and bring attention to Sweden’s demise at the same time. So, in a way, these women spouting this nonsense are patriots to Sweden. More power to you–I support your concerns–but the horse is already out of the barn as my swedish american mother likes to say. Why don’t you migrate to the United States?

  23. Its always the ugly ones of course…who in his right mind would want to rape them….it’s the poor defensless cute young ones who have to endure the brutality of the muslim herds…
    sad what an influence a few idiots have on a country…

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