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The minute was returned, but not until an avalanche of criticism by those who first spotted it. Here is the initial story of the groundbreaking speech.


Niinistö speech on Yle Areena bewilders – more than a minute was censored

Thursday, 02.04.2016 at 08.19

Citizens were surprised why the key points of President Sauli Niinistö were not heard in the speech at Yle Areena.

Niinistö opened parliament on Wednesday by delivering a speech, in which according to lot of interpretations, a more rigorous position on uncontrolled immigration.

This much publicized portion of the speech by Niinistö, however, was not heard on Yle Areena:

– Now I come closer to the main question at hand. International agreements have been made, EU directives and national laws, and is thought that, beautifully and correctly – that all those in need are to be helped. In practice, it is realized in such a way that anyone who knows how to say the word “asylum”, (turvapaikka), can enter Europe and Finland, the word produces a kind of subjective right to cross the border. Even without any basis one can get a full year (or even years) long investigation and even after that evade forced removal from the country if the requirements for asylum are not met, in other words to stay there where they arrived under false pretences, Niinistö said.

– Then there’s the dilemma itself, which is deeply associated with our set of values. Europe will soon cease to being no longer able  to withstand uncontrolled mass migration. Exceeding that tolerance collapses our value system. It happens that a good effort will produce evil for all. Most, if not all, the restriction measures have been suspected to be contrary to international law and treaties, he continued.

The almost one minute in question was lacking in the Yle Areena recording.The case sparked confusion among citizens. In social media some people have questioned why the portion of the speech was not heard and whether it was intentionally censored.

Content Manager Hannu Särkkä said that the problem was noticed and then began to find out the problem. His initial thoughts were that it would be a technical fault. The problem was corrected on Thursday morning.

Source IL (Iltalehti) 

A TT translation

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  1. Odd how those type of “mistakes” are never made in the other direction.

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