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Let the two battle it out, I support Cruz, but Trump is better than anything the RINOS and the socialist Dems can produce.

The main issue here is, the people are fed up with business as usual type of politics in Washington, and will no longer stand idle as their country is being devoured, the country overrun with illegals, and the debt climbing to unprecedented levels.

There is no perfect candidate, all have flaws, but on the issues that matter, who is it that you trust the most? Some Say Trump, and give ample reasons for it, some say Cruz and do the same as well, and point to flaws of the other to prove their choice is the right choice.

NOTE: One thing is for sure however, if their choice wins the day and fails to produce, or worse, inflicts more of the same, they will not be reelected, the people have had enough.

Rejoice, America! 2016 is about the ‘old consensus’ being dead

Rejoice, America! 2016 is about the ‘old consensus’ being dead

Ike-Nixon ticket at the 1956 GOP convention: the old consensus takes a bow. (Image via YouTube video/Ben Valdez)

Everybody seems to be running around in fear, confusion, or both, about what’s going on with the American political right.

I call it that – the “American political right” – because it isn’t coherent or unified enough to call it “conservatives” or “the Republican Party,” and still correctly signify the majority of the people in it.  This, in fact, is one of the biggest sources of confusion.

If you enthusiastically support Trump, you’re not a conservative, by any definition.  That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.  It means you don’t prioritize the actual principles of American political conservatism.  You’re not making your choice based on those principles.

On the other hand, if you believe you are a guardian of political conservatism, and yet you’re more determined to bolster an obviously failing status quo than to accept that it needs serious adjustment – well, in that case, you aren’t a real conservative either.  You’re more of a reactionary, caught with your interests in a particular time and place.

This seems to be where much of the “conservative establishment” is.  A lot of people would agree with Ace of Spades that that’s where the iconic publication National Review is, given that it has just come out with its “Against Trump” manifesto.  I think it’s more complicated than that, for what it’s worth.  I haven’t come to bury NR — but neither have I come, in this instance, to praise it.

John Nolte takes NR to task today for the anachronism of its delivery device:  the old-timey political manifesto.

But my criticism is for the strategy of adopting an “Against Trump” posture, as if that is the most relevant stance given what’s going on here.

The old-consensus right needs to stop blaming Trump and his supporters for a very real phenomenon emerging among the voters, one that preceded his rise and is much bigger than he is.

What’s happening is that the old consensus is falling apart.  This is the consensus of 20th century America by which Republicans agreed to have as much big government as we could “afford.”  To put it another way, the limited-government, constitutionalist right compromised with the big-government, collectivist, anti-libertarian left, and agreed to fund big government, in exchange for retaining the formal structure of a constitutional republic.

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