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Islamization in the raw.

Due to ill treatment of women on public transportation by Muslims, the city council of Regensburg is actually entertaining the idea of creating gender separate public transportation. My source in Germany says they’re also discussing the same for taxis. This is in fact proof of Islamization, instead of resisting the foreign culture being foisted upon the people of Europe, they’re succumbing to their aggression, normalizing their anti-social behavior. This is dhimmitude in the raw.

NOTE: Google trans of the original German. H/T: Goran:

“Sharia is already here. There is also “lady-taxies” offered. It’s happening right before my eye, I can feel the change every week. It’s creepy. Even if no more refugees came into Germany, the ones that are already here will be enough to take over this country. And at least 1,000,000 more will come this year. Finland should bar them from entering.

You share borders with an Islamic country (Sweden) it would be difficult to prevent them from entering Finland, I guess. Europe thinks attacking Israel will spare them from this inevitable end and make ‘muslims happy.’ But even if Israel did not exist now, muslims would definitely and immediately find another reason to be ‘offended’ and continue jihad.

It’s not what we do or don’t do, but that we exist at all that causes them to attack us like this

“So that women and girls can feel safe from sexual harassment, discussed the Regensburg city council special “Lady-zones” in city buses.”

Councillor brings “Lady-zones” to buses 

In Regensburg it could soon enter city buses with separate “Lady-zones”. This discusses just the city council. The application was made in November, by a local politician – before the attacks in Cologne.

Regensburger politician calls for "Lady-zones" in city buses

In order for women and girls to feel safe from sexual harassment, the Regensburg City council is discussing specially designed “Lady Zones” in its city busses. They are also imagining “Women only Taxis”.

Christian Janele of the Christian-Socialist (CSB) had turned in an application in November of 2015 – before the mass sexual assaults in Cologne took place. The city planning commission will discuss this issue on Tuesday.

Janele says that many citizens had expressed their concerns with him: “How will my daughter, how will my wife arrive home safely in the evenings?” These fears among the citizenry have to be taken seriously. Markings on the bus floors could establish safe zones, in which only women and children are allowed to be in. Additionally there should be offered women only taxis in which women drivers will bring female passengers to their destinations – and the city will subsidize the taxi fares. Heidelberg has had a similar project ongoing for years, says Janele.

It doesn’t have to be pink

On the social network Facebook, the Christian-Socialists have published a photo montage with a pink “Lady Zone” in a public bus. But the post adds that the safety zone doesn’t have to be pink. Any other color would be possible as well.

Janele rejects the fact that his “Lady Zones” could bear any reminiscence on the US-segregation against black people where they were made to sit in the back of the bus. For him it is solely about “that women feel unsafe on busses”. And the same goes for senior citizens, he adds.

Transportation Authority not particularly fond of the idea

Special markings on the floors of busses are easy to apply with minimal effort – and only need to be effective at night. “During the day this topic is irrelevant.”

But the Regensburg Transportation Authority (RVV) doesn’t think much about these ideas. “There really is no necessity in that regard. We don’t have problems in that matter”, says the manager, Kai Müller-Eberstein.

An overall strategy is needed against sexualized violence

The Federal Association of Women’s Advisory and Women’s Emergency Services says: “Of course women only spaces such as Taxis and parking places could be a sensible measure for women to feel more safe in public spaces.”

But spokeswoman Katja Grieger also points out that such demands could also derail the debate in the wrong direction: “Studies show us unanimously that most assaults take place in the most near social settings and that the actual crime scene often turns out to be the place where the victim lives. There is a societal overall strategy needed against sexualized violence, no matter where it happens.”

Assaults are a topic elsewhere as well

Sexual harassment and assaults in public transportation vehicles is a topic again and again. For instance the Paris local traffic enterprise RATP is starting a campaign against verbal harassment in busses, metro trains and streetcars. In a survey 71% of the women asked, reported to have been victims of sexual harassment in public transportation at least once.

And in Vienna the city council has published behavioral tips for women: “When you are waiting at a stop, it can be sensible to stand with your back against a wall or to be near other people.” Another suggestion: Women should sit next to the driver or in a car with multiple other passengers when riding a bus, a tram or a subway at night.

NOTE: Thanks to Vlad for getting Nash Montana to translate the article, much appreciated, I’ve replaced my  google trans text with Nash’s.

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  1. Arm your women with guns, teach them how to shoot, make sure they will pull the trigger if they pull out the gun. The harassment will stop, immediately. Try it in the US and they would lose a part of their anatomy.

  2. Maybe you should ban muslim men travelling by bus or been in taxis or walking around the town or been in the town or been in the country. They need to change not us or send them back to where they came from.

  3. Ittakes a comprehensive strategy to fight rape. Well the strategy has nothing to do with gender separate buses. The strategy is called rounding up all the offenders, throng into mil, and deporting them at the first opportunity. If it means throwing them off the boat so they can can swim to shore at home, then do it. Dam world opinion

  4. Pack them up in containers and send them all back to their own troglodyte countries

  5. Germany must really hate women to segregate them and let the criminals roam freely

  6. So because a male does not have the ability to control his dick, women and girls must do this? Surely it’s the men who need to be kept on a leash.

  7. Even our low life criminals find rape and child abuse immoral and try to punish the offenders in prison. Our leaders welcome into our countries people who believe in an ideology that is totally repugnant to the vast majority of ordinary people, and say we must adapt to their ways. What does that tell you about our media and leaders who are trying to stop people speaking out against all that is happening. Does it mean rape is no longer a crime if the girl or woman is not covered head to toe.
    These refugees know rape is a crime because in their own country they would be severely punished for it. They rape because they have a divine right to rape non-believers. Get rid of this filthy religion of hate.

  8. Giving Muslims what they want. A segregated society. THEY should either adapt or be deported.

  9. Women, always carry a camera, take photos of everything and post them all. Cameras can be a good weapon.

    1. Lol lololololololololol… You be sure to take pictures of your defiled ass after that undocumented piece of trash leaves the next generation of scum inside of you. While your government protects that same piece of scum growing inside of you. Be sure to snap a photo of your baby daddy’s face so his kid will know where it came from. A photo is gunna save you foooor sure.

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