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Showing Facebook hypocrisy gets his video banned and a strike against his account.

This is the exact same bullcrap pulled against PMW’s Itamar Markus, in cancelling his channel for promoting ‘hate speech’ though his vids are instructional in showing what Muslims (in Arabic) are really saying about Jews.

H/T: Brian of London @ Israellycool

YouTube Convicts Brian Of Spreading Hate Speech

The story so far: Shurat Ha’din makes a simple video showing how Facebook tolerates hate speech toward Jews and Israel more than toward Palestinians.

I make a simple video showing that features of Facebook allow hate speech about Jews to be hidden (by page administrators often) from the largest population of Jews, in Israel. My video gets shared by Shurat Ha’din and even Channel 10 news starts talking to me. I uploaded my video to YouTube because YouTube videos are easier to share on Israellycool.

And then this happened:

Yup, that’s right, my video highlighting hate has been classified as hate and removed and I get a “Community Guidelines” strike against my name for hate speech!

Clearly this is the usual scheme of a team of Jew haters ganging up to report my video as hate speech. Perhaps a human reviewed the title, even that’s doubtful and bang it’s gone and I stand convicted of disseminating “hate speech”.

Read the rest here.

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