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This is the first edition of the Tundra Tabloids’ new colleague and contributor, Tzofar.

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On Humanitarian Aid, Pigs and Lipstick

It’s true. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it better-looking. Just last November uber-leftist Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy simultaneously drooled over Sweden’s alleged morality while he excoriated the Israeli Foreign Ministry for calling the Swedish ambassador on the carpet over Sweden’s recognition of a “Palestinian state”. Levy is wielding a large lipstick to no avail. This week Levy’s darling Israel-bashing Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (Social Democrat) is embroiled in a scandal for jumping lines and getting a heavily subsidized apartment. So much for Wallström’s morality—and now Swedes are calling for her to resign.

Levy also claimed it is “chutzpah” to criticize Sweden’s WWII past, but I strongly disagree. While allegedly neutral, Sweden supplied essential steel for the Nazi arms industry. The Swedish Queen’s father, Walther Sommerlath, was a member of the Nazi party and ran a small arms plant—in a facility which had been expropriated from a German Jew. This was covered up and later denied by the royal family, but the truth finally emerged in the press in 2011, years after Sommerlath’s death. That is a long time to suppress very ugly facts.

Sweden also is a donor to the far-left anti-Israel NGO B’Tselem, both through direct government funds and through its Christian aid agency, Diakonia. Last week the Israeli television documentary Uvda (Fact), ran an exposé which showed taped evidence of how alleged human rights activists cooperate with the Palestinian Authority. Under PA law, anyone offering land for sale to Jews is liable to the death penalty. Not only did the “rights activists” actively work with the PA to nab as many suspects as possible, they knew full well and even bragged about the torture and death that awaited these individuals, stating that this was not the first time that they had handed over Arabs to a certain and cruel end.

There is nothing humanitarian about collaborating with brutal regimes and actively aiding in torture and execution. Yet do not look for the Swedish government or Diakonia to investigate the abuse of donations or cut off the flow of cash to B’Tselem. In fact, we can expect that Sweden, like the EU, will continue to oppose Israel’s new NGO transparency legislation, which makes these groups state that they are funded by foreign actors.

And what hypocrisy would be complete without ignoring and sweeping under the rug the ongoing violence against Jews perpetrated by Arabs? Or the flat-out disregard for official incitement which whips up hatred? No, Wallström must ignore the victims of Arab hate crime and call for investigations of the “extra-judicial murder” of criminals shot while stabbing Jews, as she did just before the apartment scandal broke last week. The Swedish media is largely complicit in ignoring Arab hate crime. Sweden’s wire service, TT, “improves” and filters the foreign media, so only stories which fit the leftist narrative find their way into the Swedish-language news.

Do not look for yesterday’s fatal stabbing of a woman in Otniel, attacked in her own home and in front of her teenage daughter, on the pages of the Social Democrat organ, Aftonbladet. While Aftonbladet had no problem running the totally bogus blood libel accusing Israel of stealing organs from Arab corpses, factual stories of victims of Arab terror elude them completely. Since foreign stories invariably come through the TT filter, the death of Dafna Meir yesterday, and today’s stabbing of a pregnant woman in Tekoa do not and will not appear in the pages of the Swedish press. Wallström and her ilk claims to be feminist, but if you are a Jewish woman living in a community in Judea and Samaria, you are non-existent.

After the screening of the Uvda documentary, Ilana Dayan, the presenter interviewed Gideon Levy in the studio. He had one major complaint, “What bothers me the most [about the story] is that you screened it”. Being “liberal” means avoiding inconvenient facts. Yet no matter how much lipstick leftists try to put on pigs like Wallström and her “humanitarian” colleagues, ultimately the truth comes out and shows them for the bigoted frauds and crooks they are.

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