Finland Pedophilia


How much do you want to bet they’re Leftists?

Already deemed as whores, they go and prove it, in the reverse.

 Immigration office: Finnish women have been searching for company around reception centers

A Deaconess Institute employee told yesterday that Finnish women have been trying to buy sex from minors at Helsinki asylum seekers for EUR 20.

Women were according to the Deaconess Institute worker, trying to buy sex from asylum seeking minors for EUR 20 at the Helsinki railway station.

The Deaconess Institute has informed that the case relating to child protection have been made. The Finnish Immigration Service spokesman, Kaisa Härkisaari, has not heard of the fact that asylum seeking minors are being bought for sex in Finland.

– If this is the case, it is good that the Deaconess Institute informs about the matter. We hope that these cases are notified to the police.

The case in question is about minors.

Any kind of abuse is in our opinion wrong, but buying sex from minors is a crime, Härkisaari says. Helsinki Police Director of Communications, Juha Hakola, said that there hasn’t been a notification by Friday morning, of a crime having been committed reported to the police.- We read today in the newspaper of the matter. At least by morning report no crime report has been made.

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