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This seriously undermines the politicians’ and media’s meme that these Muslim abusers of German women were an organized crime element.

But Selina is confident robbery was not the point of the attacks. “They really had anything else in mind but to steal my cellphone. Definitely. I am one hundred percent convinced or else I wouldn’t have it anymore,” she told SWR Fernsehen.

Cologne Victim: Attackers Wanted To Satisfy Their Sexual Lust With Me

A 26-year-old Cologne victim named Selina found herself surrounded by as many as a hundred men who she says looked at her and a friend as if they were “free meat” in a grocery store.

A translation of Selina’s interview with German television channel SWR Fernsehen was uploaded Thursday. At her request the station did not mention her last name.

“They all looked at us like we were free meat at the supermarket, fair game, checking to see if it’s still fresh,” Selina said. “There were hands that touched us, our butts and other parts of our bodies. It is simply indescribable. Never in my life before was I so afraid,” she added.

Asked to describe her attackers, Selina said, “they spoke Arabic overwhelmingly.” She recalls that if you tried to speak German the attackers didn’t seem to understand at all.

Many of the victims, including some of the women who have described sexual assaults at the hands of groups of men, were also robbed of their phones or other items. Some reports have suggested the sexual assault was just a tactic used to distract victims while their items were being stolen.

More here.  H/T: Diana West, video trans & upload: none other than our buddy Vlad

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  1. Man I feel terrible every time I see this stuff about the atrocities Muslim migrants are doing, I my self am a Muslim migrant if you could call me that came to Canada when I was 2 and lived here all my life with my very religious family and we never caused problems but why do these animals just not have any self control over them selves to do such things to the very people who tried to help them. This is the problem with mass immigration you can not integrate the people into your society well enough its a tragedy what these people are doing and my heart goes out to all the victims male and female.

    1. Manny, with all due respect, and I mean this with sincerity, the problem is within Islam itself, b/c it embodies the very elements that allows such types to think they can commit these horrors and not be in conflict with Islamic teaching. You sound like a decent fellow, and I don’t doubt your parents brought you up right, but that fact does nothing to mitigate the dangerous aspects of Mohamed’s teachings. I can post an entire listing of all the troublesome verses that abrogate the milder (earlier) portions of the koran to prove my point. I wish you well, but be advised, the more non-Muslims wake up to the reality of the ‘entirety’ of the koran the better for the West, for Islam is incompatible with Western senses of morality and values and democratic pluralism.

      1. Could you give me those verses so I can look them up for personal reference, and I agree with you that a lot of Islamic teachings distinctly go against western values and way of life of course I’m not a shia or Sunni and haven”t studied their interpretations of the religion so I can not speak for them.

        1. Let me get this straight, You’re a muslim, raised by devout muslim parents, and yet you don’t know whether they are Sunni or Shiia and have never studied Islamic canonical law? OBTW, it’s not about interpretation, it’s about knowing what mohamed actually said (in chronological order) that you need to be worried about.

          1. The reason I don’t know if they are Sunni or Shia is because we are not Sunni or Shia we are Ahmaddis and interpretation is a big part of it, mostly because of the complexity of Arabic language since unlike in English Arabic words can have multiple meanings which can be skewered to fill what ever view you want but that’s aside from the point I simply wanted to know what verses he was talking about so I could look them up myself.

          2. Ahhh, you belong to the heretical sect of the Ahmadiyya that the overwhelming majority of the Islamic world (and Islam jurisprudence) deems as heretics. It’s like saying The Jehovah Witnesses or the Mormons have the full authority and weight of historical accuracy on their side concerning teh Christian scriptures, or the Jews for Jesus sect represents modern day Judaic instruction. Also, it’s highly interesting that you play the word game, the exact same word game the Sunnis and Shiias play when dealing with non-Muslims who do not speak Arabic (neither does the overwhelming majority of the world’s muslims), as if the world hasn’t its fill of accurate translators and translations from Arabic, much of which (in the original language) is harsher than the translated verses in English. No, just read the koran, and most importantly, in chronological order, and especially taking note of the change in mohamed’s tone once he leaves Mecca for Yathrib (Medina), the former Jewish town before he murdered its inhabitants. Please do not even try these words games with me, or in future, or i’ll block you so fast your head will swim.

          3. So you delete people comments as well. You are just as bad as those Muslims. (editor: What we have here is a Maqama troll, all other posts by him will in fact be deleted)

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