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This is an update to a previous story.

So this was not just a random happening, it was organized in tandem with muslim operatives in Germany, and not only did German officials know about it in time (UPDATE: Finnish journalist contacts the TT and says not sure Germans warned the Finns), they passed information to Finnish officials who were able to act in time and prevent rapes, molestations and general robbery and thuggery by muslim settler males.

Cologne events were intended for Finland – police had intelligence information


Interior Minister confirms that asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve were apprehended for public harassment agitation.

  • LKS 20160106 - mjh302; Police officers survey the area in front of the main train station and the Cathedral in Cologne, western Germany, on January 6, 2016, M Dozens of apparently coordinated sexual assaults were perpetred against women is a New Year's Eve. / AFP / dpa / Maja Hitij - LEHTIKUvA / AFP
    Germany seething New Year without events in the center of Cologne.(AFP / Lehtikuva / Maja Hitij)

Yle Radio 1’s interview with Interior Minister Petteri Orpo (Coalition Party) confirms that asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve in Kirkkonummi were apprehended, who would have incited a similar harassment as in Cologne, Germany.

According to the minister central criminal police had intelligence information.

– The police were informed that on New Year’s Eve there were planned criminal activities in Finland. Police worked fine proactively, the minister Orpo said.

– Great crowds can accommodate a few tending to cause confusion and to act inappropriately and illegally.

The police arrested six Iraqi men from the Aavaranta reception center on suspicion of the publicly prompting criminal activity. A few more suspects were added later. All were released on Saturday.

In Germany, up to a thousand men robbed and assaulted a number of women are sexually New Year’s Eve.

Petteri Orpo did not want to tell, what kind of intelligence the police had.

– Any kind of illegal activity whether it’s by immigrants or anyone else, is strictly forbidden. It should not be accepted. Under the leadership of the police, security authorities are doing everything, that nothing like this, at least planned, is not to happen in Finland.

NOTE: No idea on whether they are still under criminal investigation. The way the police are releasing information and the way it’s being reported, it’s difficult to properly ascertain the full picture and asses what just transpired.


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  1. If, I repeat if the Germans had intel of the planned attacks and did nothing a lot of members of the German Government had better hunt for good hiding places.

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